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Exclusive Miranda Lambert MP3 & Video: "What Are You Gonna Do" & "White Liar"

Miranda Lambert just released her new album "Revolution." To celebrate the album's release, you can download the exclusive, non-album track "What Are You Gonna Do" free of charge. Plus, watch an exclusive acoustic performance of "White Liar."

"What Are You Gonna Do" is a beautiful traditional country ballad with elements of Miranda Lambert's hard-edged, signature country style. "What Are You Gonna Do" has a memorable melody and lush instrumentation. The free download will play on almost any MP3 player, including iPod and Zune. The offer is available for a limited time.

"White Liar" was written by Miranda Lambert with a friend, and she says it was influenced by the music of Buddy and Julie Miller along with other bluegrass musicians. The video is an upbeat feast for the ears and the eyes. You can watch the acoustic video of "White Liar" or buy the entire "Revolution" CD.

"Revolution" featur…

Review: Derek Sholl "Derek Sholl"

Derek Sholl's self-titled album "Derek Sholl" ttention he's been receiving over the last year or so. Indeed, the thirteen songs on "Derek Sholl" will thrill new listeners and be warmly embraced by Derek Sholl's growing legion of fans.

Chasing a dream is nothing new for the rising country music star. Before beginning his country music career, Derek Sholl was a success in his first career of professional baseball and signed with the Kansas City Royals. But a wild pitch on his first day with the team broke his knuckle, and Sholl began to serenade his fellow teammates with his authentic country songs.

Later, a fastball broke his arm, and a torn Achilles tendon finally ended his career in professional baseball. Because he started to entertain while he was on the injured list, his teammates urged Sholl to pursue a country music career. Derek Sholl found fast success by becoming the opening act for Jay Leno's Las Vegas shows. Leno is still a friend and fan …

Review: Zac Brown Band "The Foundation" Exclusive Cracker Barrel Special Edition With 3 Live Tracks

Don't be surprised if you get a few hunger pangs as you listen to the Zac Brown Band's Special Edition for Cracker Barrel of it's hit record "The Foundation."

To celebrate 40 years of homestyle cooking with dishes that include its famous meatloaf and chicken fried chicken, Cracker Barrel has joined forces with the Zac Brown Band. The partership is a natural fit: Cracker Barrel is America's top restaurant for southern cooking, and the Zac Brown Band is the music industry's most popular new group with the Billboard chart hit "Chicken Fried"

"The Foundation" Special Edition is available exclusively from the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store at Cracker Barrel restaurants nationwide and online at for only $11.99. It features the most recent #1 hit "Whatever It Is" as well as "Chicken Fried." But the special edition also offers three new live tracks, and they're not to be missed.

The first Cracker Barr…

Review: Kris Kristofferson "Closer To The Bone"

Kris Kristofferson never disappoints, and his new album is no exception. "Closer To The Bone" is the most intimate album of his career. It also might be his best.

Grammy award winning producer Don Was produced Kristofferson's last CD, and he also took the helm of "Closer To The Bone." Kris Kristofferson's new album proves that this legendary actor, singer/songwriter and outlaw has lost none of the passionate intensity that made him a star in the first place.

The album begins with the title track "Closer To The Bone," which reminds listeners of Kristofferson's Highwayman days. His voice has never sounded better, and Kris Kristofferson's songwriting talent is more than deserving of the BMI Icon Award he will receive later this fall.

The most personal track on the album is the quiet "From Here To Forever," which Kristofferson wrote for his children. It's a love song and tribute that any child would treasure for the rest of their …

Review: The Avett Brothers "I And Love And You"

The Avett Brothers offer satisfying performances with heartfelt lyrics on "I And Love And You." Seth and Scott Avett's unique fusion of Americana and roots along with the capable skills of famed producer Rick Rubin make this the band's best album to date.

The Avett Brothers didn't start out to be the saviors of Americana music, and the brothers developed their signature sound after a not-so successful foray into hard rock music. But these grandsons of a Methodist pastor soon found their calling with a sound that blends elements of rock with bluegrass and country. They have been touring on the indie music scene for more than decade, and "I And Love And You" is The Avett Brothers major label debut on American Recordings/Columbia Records.

The album begins with the hauntingly beautiful title track "I And Love And You." The Avett Brothers offer penetrating lyrics and lush instrumentation. The song has an anthemic quality, and the vocal performance i…

Review: James McMurtry "Live In Europe" CD & DVD

Live albums are a mixed bag. Usually, they're either not-so-good or somewhat mediocre. However, James McMurtry's new CD & DVD "Live In Europe" defies expectations. It's a barnburner from beginning to end. This is the first time fans can purchase video footage of James McMurtry, and the two discs  - clocking in at about 40 minutes each - share only two of the same songs. So it's a great value.

Actually, the success of "Live In Europe" should not be that big of a surprise, because James McMurtry's terrific 2004 release "Live In Aught-Three" proved that he knew how to make a successful live album, but "Live In Europe" even trumps the 2004 release because of his sincere vocal performance.

The CD begins with the rockin' "Bayou Torture" and is followed by the new classic "Just Us Kids." James McMurtry's live version of "Just Us Kids" shows a new side of the track, and his passionate intensit…

What's New: James McMurtry "Live In Europe" CD & DVD

James McMurtry's new CD & DVD set "Live In Europe" just arrived at the Country Chart office.  A special edition vinyl LP set is also available. Our full review of James McMurtry "Live In Europe" is coming soon.

From the press release:
James McMurtry’s recent studio albums, 2005’s Childish Things and 2008’s Just Us Kids, earned him formidable accolades. The Village Voice called him “a poet of the people.” Stephen King, writing in Entertainment Weekly, pronounced him “the truest, fiercest songwriter of his generation.” 

Yet a lot of current McMurtry converts were introduced through the 2004 release Live in Aught-Three. Live albums aren’t typically greeted with rave reviews, but McMurtry’s rockin’ treatments of songs like “Choctaw Bingo” and “Out Here in the Middle” in concert made an uncanny translation to record. The Austin Chronicle proclaimed, “This is no-frills, freak-flag rock. Turn it up!” PopMatters called it “a snapshot of where McMurtry is now, [marking…

What's New: Derek Sholl "Derek Sholl"

Derek Sholl's new self-titled album "Derek Sholl" just arrived at the Country Chart office. The current, military-themed single "When They Come Back" is touching people all over the country. Our full review of Derek Sholl "Derek Sholl" is coming soon.

From the press release: 
 Sometimes it takes the rough hand of fate to send a man chasing his true calling in life. As a kid, Derek Sholl dreamed of making it to the big leagues, to feel the incredible power of a ball park cheering for his team, and to knock one into the cheap seats with the game on the line. A common dream, but uncommonly, it came true. Out of high school, this charismatic Southern Californian signed with the Kansas City Royals.

On his fist day as a pro, a wild pitch broke one of his knuckles. While on the injured list, he entertained his teammates by singing the country songs they loved to hear. He soon adopted the passion of the music he imitated, and could be found strumming a guitar…

Review: Mark McKinney "Middle America"

Mark McKinney's debut album "Get It On" was one of the best Texas country albums of the last few years. And let's be honest, most sophomore albums just don't quite cut it. But fans of the Big Spring, Texas native can rest easy, because "Middle America" is McKinney's best album yet. In fact, this new Red Dirt classic is going to be devoured like steak at the Sizzler by hardworking men and women not just in middle America, but up and down each coast and east and west of the Mississippi.

On the album cover, Mark McKinney looks every bit the Texas country star he's become, and "Middle America" shows his significant maturity as an artist. "Get It On" had four well-received country chart singles and "Middle America" could have more.

The album begins with the ferocious"On The Run," which is a classic southern rock anthem that could find a home on mainstream radio stations that spin Kid Rock records. "On The R…

Review: Cracker “Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey”

The rock and roll life must suit the hard-working members of Cracker, who have long been known as one of America's best bands. On Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey," Cracker only enhances its already sterling musical reputation, and "Sunrise" is Cracker's best album in well over a decade.
The album begins with the spirited "Yalla Yalla (Let's Go)." Cracker only gets better as time goes by, and "Yalla Yalla" is a tasty musical treat. The upbeat mood continues with the stellar "Show Me How This Thing Works."

Cracker released "Turn On, Tune In Drop Out With Me" to radio with much success, and the song shows a new, more introspective side of Cracker that is immensely appealing. This track has alt-country and Americana appeal, and the sparkling lyrics and top notch vocal performance create a sizzling record. A full album of similar material would be a chart hit for Cracker.

The biggest surprise on the album is the punk…

Review: Tori Sparks “The Scorpion In The Story”

To call Tori Sparks sultry is a bit of an understatement, because Sparks is a beautiful musical firecracker that is bursting with raw, alt-country energy that is on full display with her new release "The Scorpion In The Story."

The album begins with the roots-infused "Tall Flowers," which has a great Lucinda Williams meets Shania Twain vibe. But the best song on the album is "Leaving Side Of Love." Tori Sparks sings the lyrics with passionate intensity and sincerity.

"The Scorpion In The Story" was conceived as a concept album, and Tori Sparks created a collection of experiences from her travels across North America and Europe. "Penny On A Rail" is the biggest surprise on the album, and it showcases the playful style of Tori Sparks.

"Merry Go-Round" is the song which offers the most fun, and Tori Sparks takes the listener on a ride they won't soon forget with a glorious vocal performance. "Little Wrecking Ball" …

Review: Tommy Webb Band “Heartland”

Tommy Webb has a beautiful and authentic bluegrass voice that is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. The Eastern Kentucky native's new release "Heartland" is a joyous celebration of life in the heartland of America, and it's an exciting and surprisingly satisfying musical adventure.

The album begins with a traditional country song "Teardrop Inn." This track showcases a brilliantly understated vocal performance from Tommy Webb combined with superb musicianship. In the tradition of Ricky Skaggs, Tommy Webb has significant crossover potential to have both country and bluegrass chart hits.

Tommy Webb's true Kentucky bluegrass roots are on full display with the toe-tapping "Everything You Do." Tommy Webb was born to make good music, and this song is one of his best. "A Hard Row To Hoe" from Webb's first album was included on "Heartland," and it was recently sent to radio where it was warmly received.

The biggest surp…

Review: Pamela Danzy "Let Me Be Me"

Pamela Danzy is an Austin-based country singer who loves to perform, and her passionate delivery and strong country voice on "Let Me Be Me" have brought her many fans in Texas and beyond.

The album begins with John Hiatt's "Lovers Will." Danzy offers confident vocals and a passionate delivery. "Cryin' Days" is a Texas country-style song that delivers, but the best song on the album is "Save Me." This slow melodic gem shows the true caliber of Danzy's vocal talents.

"Your Love Stays With Me" showcases the crossover potential of Danzy. Country stars like Taylor Swift, LeAnn Rimes and Shania Twain have had success in both pop and country markets with tracks like "Your Love Stays With Me."

The biggest surprise on the album is "One Less Monkey," and it's a blues-infused musical treat, but the album ends with the terrific "When The Day Is Done." Pamela Danzy is at her best with slow, ballads that …

Review: Richard Shindell “Not Far Now”

The world of folk and Americana music has missed Richard Shindell. You see, it's been more than five years since he last released an new project full of original songs. "Not Far Now" was worth the wait, because Richard Shindell's beautiful lyrics, lush instrumentation and quietly confident vocals have never sounded better.

Richard Shindell is a master storyteller who has a unique talent of telling compelling stories that are seemingly simple but often show deeper meaning upon repeated listens. He also brings new meaning to the songs of others as evidenced by his terrific 2007 covers album "South Of Delia."

The album begins with the country-infused "Parasol Ants," which offers a memorable melody and excellent lyrics. Richard Shindell the folksinger returns on the quiet "A Juggler Out In Traffic." It succeeds on all levels.

"One Man's Arkansas" is even better, and this track is a compelling tale about dishonest property develo…

Review: Otis Taylor "Pentatonic Wars And Love Songs"

Otis Taylor has a full, rich voice so full of bluesy soul that it could melt butter, and Taylor's new release, "Pentatonic Wars And Love Songs," will also melt your heart.

Fans of roots and Americana music enjoy Otis Taylor because of his signature sound which emotes passion and intensity even in low-key tracks such as the album's first song "Looking For Some Heat." Otis Taylor feels the lyrics, and at some moments he channels Barry White with some blues-infused Americana. Plus, Taylor is an accomplished instrumentalist, and his skills on guitar are breathtaking.

Country fans may have first discovered Otis Taylor on "Recapturing The Banjo," which is his stellar 2008 release that examines the banjo's African roots. "Pentatonic Wars And Love Songs" takes an entirely new direction and explores all elements of love.

The biggest surprise on the album is the melodic and ethereal "Silver Dollar On My Head." Otis Taylor has never so…

Review: Landon James Band "Like It Or Not"

The Landon James Band wants you to think that they don't care whether you like them or not. To prove the point, they put a man in a chicken suit with a corded leaf blower on the cover of "Like It Or Not." But it's hard not to like these country boys from New Braunfels, Texas.  After one listen to "Like It Or Not," you'll almost certainly be in the "like" - or maybe even the "love" - category.

The four members of the Landon James Band (Landon James, Mike Scholze, Brandon Lee Singleton & John Schaefer)are bursting with youthful Red Dirt enthusiasm that is infectious. "Like It Or Not" begins with the melodic "Writings On My Wall," which showcases James' clear country vocals.

The best track on the album is "Waiting To Be Found," which offers penetrating lyrics similar to the Randy Rogers Band and a passionate performance from Landon James. But the best chance for country chart success is the hard driv…

Review: Hunter McKithan & The Offenders "Lee Road Sessions"

Hunter McKithan & The Offenders have managed to have a successful Texas country career in just a few short years since their 2007 debut release, "Shape Of It All." And "Lee Road Sessions" continues the upward trajectory of an an artist who never fails to impress.

The five song EP begins with the rockin' "Nowhere To Go," which showcases the authentic southern rock voice of Hunter McKithan. It's followed by the melodic "Momma Save Me," which deserves to be a major Texas country chart hit. Hunter McKithan & The Offenders deliver a near-flawless performance with great lyrics written by McKithan and Shawn Camfield.

The pace slows down with the love song "Back To You" written by McKithan and Jason Nelson. This track oozes Red Dirt passion. "Solid Ground" has a great Wade Bowen meets Johnny Cooper vibe that succeeds on all levels.

The biggest surprise on the album is "Baby Roll On," and the fine musicianship…

Review: Jeremy Steding "A Damn Good Ride"

Jeremy Steding has a deep, rich country voice that evokes memories of country music stars like Johnny Cash. It takes supreme confidence to title your album "A Damn Good Ride," but Jeremy Steding pulls it off.

The album begins with the title track "A Damn Good Ride" which has a winning Josh Turner meets Johnny Cash sound that will be popular with both Texas country and traditional country music aficionados.  "Can't Slow Me Down" is a tasty country treat that will be one of Jeremy Steding's most popular songs at live concerts.

Jeremy Steding started out on the Texas music scene in April, 2007 with his self-produced album "Whiskey Songs And Prison Songs." Without the help of professional radio promoters, Steding's single "Auburn" became a hit on the Texas Music Chart. Thankfully, "Auburn" is included on "A Damn Good Ride." This song could still be a major mainstream country chart hit.

The best song on the al…

Review: Drew Tichnell “Within My Soul”

Drew Tichnell is a beautiful blonde country singer in her early twenties. While these qualities may seem like a winning formula for country music success, Nashville is littered with attractive women who've tried and failed to land a big break. However, Drew Tichnell is different. This East Texas native is one of the few up-and-coming female country vocalists that could boast a catalog of more than 100 songs before the age of 21.

Tichnell, who released the album "Within My Soul" in 2008, is a loving mother to identical twin daughters, and she's been performing in the Austin area for several years with her five-piece band. Most importantly, Drew Tichnell has a unique voice that can best be described as southern rock meets Texas country. With a surprisingly rich, country rock voice and immense songwriting talent, Drew Tichnell could be the next big thing in country music.

Tichnell is in pre-production for her new album, which will probably be released sometime in 2010. …

Review: Phil Lee “So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You”

Phil Lee has had a long professional career in the music business. He began as a drummer in the 1960s and has performed with everybody who's anybody over the last few decades. But Phil Lee has had no finer moment than his terrific new album, "So Long, It's Been Good To Know You."

On the album, Phil Lee is sometimes a sardonic, rockabilly Bob Dylan. In other moments, he's a country Tom Petty performing his unique lyrics with a wink and a nod. However, Lee's best asset is his signature sound and authentic country voice that never fails to impress. This is an artist who could sing your third grader's book report and make it sound like an Americana classic.

The album begins with the personal story "25 Mexicans" and is followed by "Sonny George" which has a winning Chris Knight meets Charlie Daniels vibe. But the biggest surprise of the album is "We Cannot Be Friends Anymore," which has a big sound and lyrics that paint a vivid pi…

Review: D.C. Bloom “Simpler Times A Wastin’”

D.C. Bloom has a way with words. However, to fully understand his music you first have to know that this former FBI speechwriter left Washington, DC for the rolling hills of Texas late in life.

"Simpler Times A Wastin'" is D.C. Bloom's debut album, and his lyrical prose and passionate love of music shines through on every track. Indeed, Bloom often quotes Bonanza's Hoss Cartwright, "It's better to bloom late than to never bloom at all."

D.C. Bloom has a traditional country sound mixed with a little mischievous fun in his superb lyrics. "Simpler Times A Wastin'" starts off strong with with the melodic "Acres To Plow," which showcases Bloom's harmonies with Terri Hendrix along with Texas music legend Lloyd Maines on steel guitar.

The biggest surprise of the album is the tender "Precious Memories." It's evident that D.C. Bloom feels the power of his faith in the lyrics while he remembers his childhood and belov…

Review: Spring Creek "Way Up On A Mountain"

"Way Up On A Mountain" proves that Spring Creek is the best new band in bluegrass music.  In fact, the Lyons, Colorado-based group has crafted an album that showcases near-perfect harmonies and the best picking of any up-and-coming bluegrass band in recent memory.

The project starts out strong with the title track  and current single "My Love Is Way Up On A Mountain." This cut is well deserving of all the radio airplay it has received. However, the best song on the album is "Tangled In The Pines" which vividly illustrates the band's stellar vocal talents and fine instrumentation.

The biggest surprise is the throwback "Lonesome Town." This song will make you want to sit on the porch, put your feet up and remember days gone by. However, the hard-driving "In Despair" will actually improve your spirits if you're feeling blue, because it offers fast-paced lyrics and upbeat music that succeeds on all levels.

Spring Creek was the only…

Review: Owen Temple “Dollars And Dimes”

Owen Temple has created a Texas country masterwork with "Dollars And Dimes." This gritty concept album comprised of eleven songs is perfectly tuned to the tough economic times facing Americans today.

The success of "Dollars And Dimes" is due in large part to the perfect, low key vocal performance of Temple combined with masterful lyrics reminiscent of the best songs of Chris Knight. Indeed, Owen Temple is the working man's Tom Petty.

The best three songs on the album are the first track "Broken Heart Land," the reflective "Golden Age" and the melodic "Black Diamond." In particular, "Broken Heart Land" has all the ingredients for a Texas country chart hit with brilliant lyrics and a memorable melody.

The rockin' "I Don't Want To Do What I Do" is the biggest surprise of the album, and it shows the harder edge of Owen Temple that will be a popular at live concerts. "City Of The King" also has rad…

Review: James Hand "Shadow On The Ground"

If you're tired of over-produced country music that sounds like it should be on the pop charts instead of the country charts, then you'll love Waco, Texas native James Hand's stellar new album "Shadow On The Ground." James Hand is an authentic country musician in the tradition of Hank Williams, and his album will remind you why you became a fan of country music in the first place.

James "Slim" Hand is a Texan through and through, and his heartachingly real depiction of country life will surprise and delight you. Hand's debut national release in 2006 at age 53 ("The Truth Will Set You Free" on Rounder Records) was a landmark in Texas music, and it gave hope to every Lone Star musician waiting for their moment to arrive. Before taking the national stage, James Hand began singing in honky tonks at age 12, but he had to find work as a truck driver, rodeo rider and horse trainer to earn additional money.

All the hard work paid off with "S…

Review: Steve Azar "Slide On Over Here"

Steve Azar has produced the best  album of his career with "Slide On Over Here," which offers meaningful, soul-searching songs along with other tracks just meant for good times. The Greenville, Mississippi native recently settled into a new home a few miles south of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and three kids that includes a home recording studio. No doubt, his stable family life and easy studio access helped Steve Azar create an album that is a true country gem.

"Slide On Over Here" starts off strong with the melodic track "I'll Find Me," and Azar tackles the nation's financial crisis with his current single, the rockin' "Moo La Moo." Two other hard-driving tracks, "Sinkin' Or Swimmin' (With You)" and "Sweet Delta Chains," also deserve special mention.

However, Steve Azar's star shines the brightest on his most tender tracks, such as "Sunshine," "Take Your Time (Ryan's Song),&…

Review: Ricky Stein & The .44 “Crazy Days”

Ricky Stein's new album "Crazy Days" will sneak up on you like a few too many shots of whiskey.

The cover of "Crazy Days" shows Ricky Stein to be an average Texan with a relaxed expression, windswept hair, checked shirt, jeans and boots. However, the album will catch you off guard, because there's nothing common about the bluesy, country talent of 25-year-old Ricky Stein. And it's obvious that Stein has immersed himself in the wealth of live music found in his native Austin, Texas.

The album begins with the blues-infused "One And The Same," which illustrates that Ricky Stein can rock a concert stage. It's followed by the terrific "Don't Leave Me Hangin' On." But the album really comes into its own with the Americana track "Keap St (We've Come A Long Way)," which shows the musical influence of artists like Townes Van Zandt and the Traveling Wilburys. The music is infectious, and Stein's authentic vocal pe…

Review: Corb Lund "Losin' Lately Gambler"

Born to a family which boasts many generations of ranchers, Corb Lund is well-known in his native Canada for his classic country and western songs that each tell a compelling story. The Juno award winner has teamed with New West Records for his latest album, "Losin' Lately Gambler," and it's Corb Lund's best recorded work to date.

Listeners can easily connect to Corb Lund's lyrics that discuss true western topics such farming, ranching, riding steers and gambling. He even showcases the work of his veterinarian father on "Horse Doctor, Come Quick" and "Talkin' Veterinarian Blues." What makes Corb Lund special is that he writes honest lyrics that share he and his family's own experiences. This makes his contribution to Americana and country music entirely unique and wonderfully entertaining.

"Steer Rider's Blues" is a perfect example of Lund's considerable talent. The song is a detailed story of a young steer rider…

Taylor Swift Releases Fearless Platinum Edition With 6 New Songs & DVD

Taylor Swift has released the follow-up her bestselling album "Fearless" with an all-new special edition titled "Fearless: Platinum Edition." The special edition CD/DVD dual set includes 6 new songs and a DVD filled with photos and extra features. "Fearless" has been a fixture on the Billboard country charts and has already sold more than 4 million copies. In  total, Taylor Swift has sold more than 10 million albums.

"Fearless Platinum Edition" contains new music and video extras, including exclusive new behind-the-scenes photos shot by Taylor’s brother (Austin K. Swift), new music from Taylor and her video collaboration with T-Pain on “Thug Story.”

“Taylor’s fans have an incredible appetite for her new music and her ongoing life experiences," said Big Machine Records President Scott Borchetta . "The two million-plus fans who bought Fearless within weeks of release last year are screaming for new Taylor music, and Taylor has delivered.”


CMA Broadcast Nominees 2009 Awards - Full and Complete List of Country Music Association Radio Personality Awards Including Radio Station Of The Year & Broadcast Personality Of The Year For Major, Large, Medium & Small Markets

Today, Chuck Wicks announced the nominees for the Country Music Association's 2009 CMA Broadcast Awards.

The most watched award will include Bob Kingsley, Lia Knight and Kix Brooks for the title of National CMA Broadcaster of the Year. This is the first nomination for Brooks, who is half of the duo, Brooks & Dunn. 

All of the award winners will be notified in mid-October, and they will be acknowledged during the broadcast of the Country Music Association's CMA 2009 Awards show on ABC Television (November 11).

CMA BROADCAST PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR: *National “American Country Countdown” (Kix Brooks) – Citadel Media Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40” (Bob Kingsley) – KCCS Productions, Inc. The Lia Show” (Lia Knight)  – Dial Global*Major Market
“The All New Dr. Don Morning Show with Doc, Grunwald, Rachael, and Jason” (Don Carpenter, Steve Grunwald, Rachael Hunter, Jason “The 300 Pound Cowboy” Raithel) – WYCD, Detroit, Mich. “Cliff and Company: Cliff…