Review: Landon James Band "Like It Or Not"

The Landon James Band wants you to think that they don't care whether you like them or not. To prove the point, they put a man in a chicken suit with a corded leaf blower on the cover of "Like It Or Not." But it's hard not to like these country boys from New Braunfels, Texas.  After one listen to "Like It Or Not," you'll almost certainly be in the "like" - or maybe even the "love" - category.

The four members of the Landon James Band (Landon James, Mike Scholze, Brandon Lee Singleton & John Schaefer) are bursting with youthful Red Dirt enthusiasm that is infectious. "Like It Or Not" begins with the melodic "Writings On My Wall," which showcases James' clear country vocals.

The best track on the album is "Waiting To Be Found," which offers penetrating lyrics similar to the Randy Rogers Band and a passionate performance from Landon James. But the best chance for country chart success is the hard driving title track "Like It Or Not." Radio program managers will eat this song up like pizza at a school lunch counter.

The cut "Try" is an authentic Red Dirt track that shows a more mature side of the Landon James Band with its fine instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics. "Before You Missed Me" is another track with Texas chart potential, and it has a great melodic chorus.

"Last Shot" is a southern rock track that showcases the instrumentation of the band better than any other cut, and the album ends with the blues-infused "Blues Kickin' Blues." Concertgoers will be crazy about this hard, Texas country party song.

The members of the Landon James Band are just on the cusp of major country chart success, and "Like It Or Not" is a giant leap on the ladder of success. The fact that a man in a chicken suit is the one climbing the ladder makes the album's success even more interesting.