Review: Tommy Webb Band “Heartland”

Tommy Webb has a beautiful and authentic bluegrass voice that is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. The Eastern Kentucky native's new release "Heartland" is a joyous celebration of life in the heartland of America, and it's an exciting and surprisingly satisfying musical adventure.

The album begins with a traditional country song "Teardrop Inn." This track showcases a brilliantly understated vocal performance from Tommy Webb combined with superb musicianship. In the tradition of Ricky Skaggs, Tommy Webb has significant crossover potential to have both country and bluegrass chart hits.

Tommy Webb's true Kentucky bluegrass roots are on full display with the toe-tapping "Everything You Do." Tommy Webb was born to make good music, and this song is one of his best. "A Hard Row To Hoe" from Webb's first album was included on "Heartland," and it was recently sent to radio where it was warmly received.

The biggest surprise on the album is the gospel track "River Of Jordan." The strong faith of Tommy Webb is clear on this cut, and it proves Tommy Webb should someday produce a full gospel album. Southern and country gospel audiences would eat it up like peach pie at a church social.The up and coming bluegrass star also has a great since of humor that is shown on "If It Weren't For Bluegrass Music (I'd Go Crazy)." But the best song on "Heartland" is the passionate "No Room Inside Your Heart." Tommy Webb sings with heightened intensity, and he clearly feels the lyrics on a deep level. Radio program managers should take note of "No Room Inside Your Heart."

The title track "Heartland" is a socially responsible song that has lyrics which highlight the plight of farmers in today's rough economic climate. The song says what farmers around the nation have been thinking over the last few years. "What Weren't You Thinking Of" also offers thought provoking lyrics in the form of a melancholy story.

Tommy Webb has received lots of praise from bluegrass aficionados over the past few years for good reason: He is one of the top new artists in a long time. Grammy voters are bound to soon take notice of this authentic troubadour from the "Heartland."