Top 100 iTunes Country Music Video Chart 2018 - iTunes Country Videos Chart - UPDATED

This is the top 100 Country Music Video chart which is updated hourly. The chart hails from iTunes, which is the most popular country music store on the planet. You can support your favorite artist on the country music video chart by clicking the link to your favorite video and downloading it to your laptop, tablet or phone. Have your favorite song with you in living color and HD sound anytime you want it.
- The Country Music Video Chart is published every day of the week - including holdidays. publishes The Country Music Video Chart 365 times each year, and the chart is updated hourly. Country music videos are more important for the future of country music than most people would think. The Top 10, Top 20 - or even the Top 40 or Top 50 - country music videos allow artists to connect with their fans on a massive scale. This sets the mood for the artist's new single, and a quality, popular country music video can lead to a Number 1 single on the country chart…

Cole Swindell reaches #1 Album and #3 Song on August 17, 2018 Country Mega-Chart with Florida Georgia Line and Brett Young topping the Songs Chart

Cole Swindell's "Break Up In The End" rises to #3 in the Country Music Songs Chart for August 17, 2018 with Florida Georgia Line's "Simple" and Brett Young's "Mercy" taking the top 2 spots respectively. "Drowns the Whiskey" from Jason Aldean featuring Miranda Lambert rises one place to #4 and Dan + Shay's "Tequila" falls but stays in the Top 5. 
On the Country Music Album Chart for for August 17, Cole Swindell rises to #1 with "All Of It" and displaces the former #1, Kenny Chesney's "Song for the Saints" which still comes in strong at #2. This One's For You Too (Deluxe Edition) from the great Luke Combs is a powerful number 3 with "Lifers" from Cody Jinks and "Traveller" from Chris Stapleton rounding out the Top 5. Of note is that Chris Stapleton also holds the #6 album with From A Room, Volume 2 rising to a competitive #6 on the chart.
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iTunes Top 200 Country Music Songs 2018 - UPDATED - Hot 40 Country Digital MP3 - Top 100 Downloads Singles Chart

This is the iTunes Top Country Music Songs Chart of online downloaded country music MP3 songs right now in the iTunes Store and digital music retailers like Amazon. You will also find the Apple Music Radio Singles Country Chart, the Free Country Songs Download chart and the Country MP3 Singles Chart which list the top new tracks in country music from your favorite country artists.
- UPDATED! The Country Songs Chart for iTunes, MP3, Radio and Streaming is published daily and updated hourly by Country Chart Magazine. The iTunes and Apple Music Songs Chart includes the top country music singles played by country radio, and the MP3 Country Songs Chart highlights the hottest music being purchased right now by country fans. You will also find links to the top free downloads of country music songs and country albums on iTunes and Amazon.

Radio singles and song chart position are very important to country music artists. In fact, having a top chart song in country music allows a new artist to…

Top 100 Alternative Country Music iTunes Songs 2018 - Alt Country Albums Chart - CDs, Vinyl, MP3 Download Charts

This is the Alternative Country Music Chart from Below you will find the top new and classic alt country songs, EPs and albums from the top artists in alternative country music. The "Alt-Country" or "Alternative Country" sub-genre of country music is currently one of the most interesting and inventive sub-genres of country music. Indeed, alt country began as some artists wanted to explore music outside of country music - bringing in musical influences from punk, rock, folk. Thus, the alt-country movement was born using many of the instruments already popular in country music, such as the guitar, bass guitar, piano, harmonica, fiddle, cello and steel guitar.
- The Alternative Country Music Chart is published every Wednesday and Saturday by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). publishes the Alt Country Music Chart 100 times each year. Alt country music does have some distinct characteristics that separate it from traditional and new co…

Top 100 Country and Southern Gospel Songs Chart 2018 - Top 40 Christian Country Albums on iTunes, MP3, CD Albums Charts

The Southern Gospel Country Music Chart from is one of the most comprehensive Southern Gospel & Country Gospel charts on the internet. We carefully highlight and spotlight the most important trending and popular Country Gospel music artists' albums and singles. You will find charts for Country Gospel CDs, Vinyl Records, iTunes songs, Apple Music, Trending Streaming Services and MP3 downloads - all in one easy to find page. Bookmark this chart now.
- UPDATED! The Country Gospel Music Chart from is published every day and updated each hour. Southern Gospel music heralds from the roots of Christianity in The United States of America, and many of the traditional Country Gospel songs have been handed down from generation to generation and blend bluegrass with traditional country. However, modern, contemporary country music has influenced Country Gospel and Southern Gospel music. The charts found below reflect the diversity of music - but the popula…

Top 100 Outlaw Country Songs Chart 2018 - Outlaw Country Albums Charts - Top 100 MP3 and iTunes Outlaw Country Singles & Albums

The Outlaw Country Music Chart is published twice weekly and is constantly updated to bring you the latest Outlaw Country chart hits. The Outlaw Country Chart is the most exhaustive Outlaw and Progressive Country Music Chart on the internet, and we publish more than 300 new outlaw country charts each year.
- The Outlaw Country Music Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time) by Country Chart Magazine. The iTunes Outlaw Country Chart is also updated hourly. javascript:void(0); You will find charts from iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, radio stations and others. Charts included in the twice weekly Outlaw and Progressive Country Chart will vary with each published chart and often includes trending new release charts, song charts, MP3 charts and CD charts. Stay tuned to for your Outlaw Country Chart news.

Outlaw Country music is a raw, gritty form of country music that came into prominence in Texas and Tennessee in the 1960s.…

Florida Georgia Line and Brett Young top the August 16, 2018 Country Songs Chart; Kenny Chesney and Luke Combs Top the Country Album Chart

"Simple" from Florida Georgia Line leads the August 16, 2018 edition of the Country Music Mega-Chart Daily. "Mercy" from Brett Young comes in at #2 on the chart while "Tequila" from Dan + Shay, "Drowns the Whiskey" from Jason Aldean (featuring the great Miranda Lambert) and "Beautiful Crazy" from Luke Combs round out the Top 5. On the country music albums chart, Kenny Chesney reigns supreme with "Songs for the Saints" and Luke Combs comes in strong at #2 with "This One's for You Too (Deluxe Edition). Traveller from Chris Stapleton, From a Room Vol. 2 by Chris Stapleton and Dan +Shay's self-titled album round out the top five with Keith Urban's "Graffiti U" just outside the Top 5. Stay tuned to Country Chart tomorrow to see new entries on the country chart.