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Review: Austin Allsup "Cryin' Out Loud"

Austin Allsup is a rugged musician whose dry wit and passionate musicality are present on every note of his sensational new alt-country album titled "Cryin' Out Loud" from Smith Music. Allsup is a country star in the making, and he offers intense, multi-dimentional lyrics and strong vocals that can only be described as a perfect mixture of a Texas country-style Eddie Vedder with the lyrical prose of Lucinda Williams. The similarities to Lucinda Williams don't end there, because both artists have famous fathers that loom large over their music. Williams learned the importance of lyrics from Miller Williams, one of America's greatest contemporary poets. Likewise, Tommy Allsup, famed lead guitarist for Buddy Holly and the Crickets, taught his son, Austin, everything he knew about music. But Austin Allsup wisely chose not to rest on his family name, and he carefully honed his craft. Allsup slowly strengthened his songwriting, vocals and live performance by traveling

Review: The Belleville Outfit "Time To Stand"

The six members of The Belleville Outfit are a curious, hard-working group of five young men and one young woman with a stellar new album titled "Time To Stand."  It's no wonder the group has already shared the stage with Lyle Lovett and Ricky Skaggs. And, oh yeah, The Belleville Outfit are the most talented newcomers to Americana music in the last few years. The Belleville Outfit features a keen sense of musicality and near-perfect harmonic blends that veteran country, bluegrass and Americana bands would envy. Coming off a successful, self-released debut titled '"Wanderin'," the new album "Time To Stand" announces to the music world that The Belleville Outfit has arrived. And they are touring America to provide proof positive of their exceptional musical skills to adoring music festival audiences. Forget American Idol, because fans of country and Americana music are quickly discovering that six of the most talented musicians in the country ar

Review: Clint Osmus And The Bushmills "Clint Osmus And The Bushmills"

Stillwater, Oklahoma is a flag-waving, Apple-pie eating, all-American town that now has a new claim to fame with the debut project of native son Clint Osmus. The self-titled album "Clint Osmus And The Bushmills" is a little bit rock 'n roll and a whole lot of country, which is the way the hard-working men and women of Stillwater like it. By the way, Clint Osmus And The Bushmills have crafted a darn good country rock project that the rest of the world will enjoy, too. The ten tracks of "Clint Osmus And The Bushmills" show that the members of the band have truly harnessed their artistry and know their identity as musicians. The music impresses without trying to impress. Indeed, the album' s back cover photo features Clint with an full beard and mustache, glasses and arms folded over a well-worn western with a serious stare. His two bandmates, Darcy McKee and Jeremy Clark, are in similar attire. These country boys know who they are as individuals and musicians