Review: Spring Creek "Way Up On A Mountain"

"Way Up On A Mountain" proves that Spring Creek is the best new band in bluegrass music.  In fact, the Lyons, Colorado-based group has crafted an album that showcases near-perfect harmonies and the best picking of any up-and-coming bluegrass band in recent memory.

The project starts out strong with the title track  and current single "My Love Is Way Up On A Mountain." This cut is well deserving of all the radio airplay it has received. However, the best song on the album is "Tangled In The Pines" which vividly illustrates the band's stellar vocal talents and fine instrumentation.

The biggest surprise is the throwback "Lonesome Town." This song will make you want to sit on the porch, put your feet up and remember days gone by. However, the hard-driving "In Despair" will actually improve your spirits if you're feeling blue, because it offers fast-paced lyrics and upbeat music that succeeds on all levels.

Spring Creek was the only group to ever win the band competitions at RockyGrass and Telluride in the same year (2007), and "Way Up On A Mountain" shows that this was no fluke. That's because Spring Creek is one of the most talented bluegrass bands in America, and songs like "'Til You Come Back To Me" and "Under The Gun" are consistent with a mastery of musical skills that is virtually unheard of among new bands taking the national stage.

Plain and simple, "Way Up On A Mountain" is a must-buy for any fan of bluegrass. It's impossible to not be captivated by the musical charms of Spring Creek, a band whose time has come.