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This Week's New Country Music Albums

New this week are releases from Steve Owen with "Stand Up Eight" and "Nobody Loves You When You're Down" from Owen Mays & The 80 Proof Boys.  The Charlie Daniels Band is back with "Hits Of The South" and "Where Do You Want It?" from The Beaumonts. Emily Grace Berry has released "Canyon Music" and Royal Wade Kimes has a new offering titled "Proud Land" Rounding out the new music this week are imports from Johnny Cash with "Greatest Songs" and Brenda Lee with "All The Way." Stand Up Eight by Steve Owen (2013) Nobody Loves You When You're Down by Owen Mays & The 80 Proof Boys (2013) Hits of the South by The Charlie Daniels Band (2013) Proud Land by Royal Wade Kimes   Greatest Songs by Johnny Cash - Import