Review: The Avett Brothers "I And Love And You"

The Avett Brothers offer satisfying performances with heartfelt lyrics on "I And Love And You." Seth and Scott Avett's unique fusion of Americana and roots along with the capable skills of famed producer Rick Rubin make this the band's best album to date.

The Avett Brothers didn't start out to be the saviors of Americana music, and the brothers developed their signature sound after a not-so successful foray into hard rock music. But these grandsons of a Methodist pastor soon found their calling with a sound that blends elements of rock with bluegrass and country. They have been touring on the indie music scene for more than decade, and "I And Love And You" is The Avett Brothers major label debut on American Recordings/Columbia Records.

The album begins with the hauntingly beautiful title track "I And Love And You." The Avett Brothers offer penetrating lyrics and lush instrumentation. The song has an anthemic quality, and the vocal performance is authentic and sincere. "January Wedding" is a simple, bluegrass love song that builds to a rousing crescendo.

The Avett Brothers rock music background is showcased on "Head Full Of Doubt /  Road Full of Promise." The melody is memorable, and, once again, the musicianship perfectly compliments the vocal performance and lyrics.

The biggest surprise on the album is the rockin' "Slight Figure Of Speech." which takes rock, country and even rap music influences to create an addictive and fun cut. "Kick Drum Heart," "Tin Man" and the Beatles-esque track "And It Spread" are also album surprises that work on all levels. The ethereal "Laundry Room" also deserves special mention.

The best song on "I And Love And You" is the album's final track "Incomplete And Insecure." This song  is complete musical bliss, and this is the recording The Avett Brothers were born to make. The lyrics tackle the deep unspoken insecurities faced by people every day. It deserves to be a major radio chart hit. The next best song is "It Goes On And On," which could be an AC or rock chart hit.

The Avett Brothers know how to craft the perfect ballad, and "The Perfect Space" is a sentimental song that makes the listener reflect on their past and future. "Ten Thousand Words" is a stripped-down song with a powerful message, and "Ill With Want" showcases the band's brilliant vocals.

The Avett Brothers and producer Rick Rubin have created a musical masterpiece with "I And Love And You." Seth and Scott Avett have made the album of their career and it is a love letter to their fans. Take the word "and" out of the title and you get: "I And Love And You." Indeed, this is one love letter you'll never grow tired of reading.