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Wade Bowen Delivers Emotional and Poetic Introspection in New Single 'Car Ride Home'

  Wade Bowen, one of Texas Country music's darlings, is back with a new single, "Car Ride Home."  The song is an introspective ballad that discusses the thoughts that run through the mind of a weary traveler driving home at night. Bowen croons about the things he's done right and wrong, the places he belongs in, and the people he's lost along the way. An introspective country ballad Bowen's voice is distinctively Texan, with a deep Waco drawl that lends an air of authenticity to "Car Ride Home." Though he's known for high-energy, upbeat songs, Bowen delivers a standout performance in this slow, melodic ballad. His voice sounds weary and emotive, bringing the emotions conveyed in the lyrics to the surface. The first verse of "Car Ride Home" sets the scene for the rest of the song. Bowen sings about stopping at a gas station to buy a single cigarette and some Gatorade. He's hungover from the night before but sings along with a Springs