Review: Corb Lund "Losin' Lately Gambler"

Born to a family which boasts many generations of ranchers, Corb Lund is well-known in his native Canada for his classic country and western songs that each tell a compelling story. The Juno award winner has teamed with New West Records for his latest album, "Losin' Lately Gambler," and it's Corb Lund's best recorded work to date.

Listeners can easily connect to Corb Lund's lyrics that discuss true western topics such farming, ranching, riding steers and gambling. He even showcases the work of his veterinarian father on "Horse Doctor, Come Quick" and "Talkin' Veterinarian Blues." What makes Corb Lund special is that he writes honest lyrics that share he and his family's own experiences. This makes his contribution to Americana and country music entirely unique and wonderfully entertaining.

"Steer Rider's Blues" is a perfect example of Lund's considerable talent. The song is a detailed story of a young steer rider whose only desire is to ride a bull. In the hands of a lesser artist and songwriter, this story could fall flat. However, Corb Lund paints a brilliantly woven picture with his penetrating lyrics and engaging vocal performance.

The album's first single, "A Game In Town Like This," is the best song on the album. In fact, it's a country and western masterpiece with a highly memorable melody, and Corb Lund's voice on the track is laid back and never forced. His authenticity as a citizen of rural Southern Alberta shines through, and the song deserves to be a hit on both the Americana and country music charts.

Lund's talents as a lyricist extend to his interesting song titles. The hummable "It's Hard To Keep A White Shirt Clean" is a revelation for its sheer simplicity, and "Devil's Best Dress" has a great Marty Robbins style. The biggest surprise on the album is "This Is My Prairie," which is a reflective and serious song about real-life problems facing people who work on the land.

While Corb Lund is well-known in his native Canada, he has yet to become a household name in the US. But that's about to change. With his classic western sound, a pure country voice and effortless mastery of song lyrics on "Losin' Lately Gambler," Corb Lund is destined for great things. "Losing" has never sounded so good.