Review: Jeremy Steding "A Damn Good Ride"

Jeremy Steding has a deep, rich country voice that evokes memories of country music stars like Johnny Cash. It takes supreme confidence to title your album "A Damn Good Ride," but Jeremy Steding pulls it off.

The album begins with the title track "A Damn Good Ride" which has a winning Josh Turner meets Johnny Cash sound that will be popular with both Texas country and traditional country music aficionados.  "Can't Slow Me Down" is a tasty country treat that will be one of Jeremy Steding's most popular songs at live concerts.

Jeremy Steding started out on the Texas music scene in April, 2007 with his self-produced album "Whiskey Songs And Prison Songs." Without the help of professional radio promoters, Steding's single "Auburn" became a hit on the Texas Music Chart. Thankfully, "Auburn" is included on "A Damn Good Ride." This song could still be a major mainstream country chart hit.

The best song on the album is "Let The Band Drink Whiskey" which begins with a beautiful "Dixieland" intro. Jeremy Steding gives a remarkably nuanced and understated vocal performance with passionate intensity

The upbeat "The Day To Day, Today" is perfect for America's tough economic times and shines a bright light on the financial problems facing hardworking men and women without dwelling too much on the negative. "The Sand Panther Medicine Show" and "South Texas Blues" also deserve special mention for providing upbeat traditional country lyrics and musicianship.

The biggest surprise on the album is the terrific "A Long Drive Home" which mixes Jeremy Steding's signature style with elements reminiscent of Marty Robbins and Lyle Lovett. "Can You Teach Me How To Dance" and "One Way Ticket" are tender Red Dirt love songs that work on all levels

Jeremy Steding wrote every song on a "A Damn Good Ride," and it proves that he's a remarkably well-rounded songwriter who is equally comfortable with all facets of Texas country music. In fact, Jeremy Steding's unique brand of classic country melodies with a Red Dirt edge is one ride you don't want to miss.