Review: Derek Sholl "Derek Sholl"

Derek Sholl's self-titled album "Derek Sholl" ttention he's been receiving over the last year or so. Indeed, the thirteen songs on "Derek Sholl" will thrill new listeners and be warmly embraced by Derek Sholl's growing legion of fans.

Chasing a dream is nothing new for the rising country music star. Before beginning his country music career, Derek Sholl was a success in his first career of professional baseball and signed with the Kansas City Royals. But a wild pitch on his first day with the team broke his knuckle, and Sholl began to serenade his fellow teammates with his authentic country songs.

Later, a fastball broke his arm, and a torn Achilles tendon finally ended his career in professional baseball. Because he started to entertain while he was on the injured list, his teammates urged Sholl to pursue a country music career. Derek Sholl found fast success by becoming the opening act for Jay Leno's Las Vegas shows. Leno is still a friend and fan of Sholl.

The album begins with the traditional country love song "Just Because You Can." Derek Sholl offers a sizzling vocal performance in this melodic country gem. "Just Because You Can" could be a mainstream country chart hit.

The current single "When They Come Back" discusses the challenges of military men and women returning from war, and it has received widespread press attention. Likewise, Derek Sholl has gone above and beyond the call of duty by offering his time for military charities. The song offers powerful lyrics and a storyline that touches the heart. Sholl's vocals show a passionate intensity that slowly builds to a rousing chorus.

The best song on the album is the terrific "But It Was." Derek Sholl knows how to produce a country ballad, and radio program managers should take notice of "But It Was." The track has a memorable chorus, and Sholl's subtle vocals perfectly compliment the heartfelt lyrics. "That Was Something" and "The Dash" also deserve attention from radio.

The biggest surprise on the album is "One More Round" which blends a traditional country style with elements of Texas country. Derek Sholl wrote "One More Round," with Tim Johnson, and the song illustrates his significant songwriting talent.

Derek Sholl's self-titled album "Derek Sholl" is a deeply personal musical offering that shows all sides of this rising country music star. "Derek Sholl" deserves a place in the music library of any country music fan who enjoys sincere vocals mixed with some of the best lyrics of any country album this year.