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ALBUM REVIEW: Rebecca Linda Smith "Hope"

There are some music artists that have a special something that stands out - some people call it "star quality" or the "it factor." Whatever words you use, Rebecca Linda Smith has "it" in spades, and her new album "Hope" is a thoughtful and passionate album that will be a winning addition to any music collection. The success of the first song and title track "Hope" is simple: Rebecca Linda Smith offers an earnest self-penned song that is obviously heartfelt, and the sincere vocal performance could soften the hardest of hearts. Smith sings: "Never, never should they give up their hope for some child out there needs help to cope." The cut is also praise-worthy because it provides a seamless mixture of traditional country, Tejano and country gospel. This is no easy feat. While the title track is a meaty 5 minutes in length, the album "Hope" does not skimp on content either - with 15 tracks totaling over 57 minutes