Review: Drew Tichnell “Within My Soul”

Drew Tichnell is a beautiful blonde country singer in her early twenties. While these qualities may seem like a winning formula for country music success, Nashville is littered with attractive women who've tried and failed to land a big break. However, Drew Tichnell is different. This East Texas native is one of the few up-and-coming female country vocalists that could boast a catalog of more than 100 songs before the age of 21.

Tichnell, who released the album "Within My Soul" in 2008, is a loving mother to identical twin daughters, and she's been performing in the Austin area for several years with her five-piece band. Most importantly, Drew Tichnell has a unique voice that can best be described as southern rock meets Texas country. With a surprisingly rich, country rock voice and immense songwriting talent, Drew Tichnell could be the next big thing in country music.

Tichnell is in pre-production for her new album, which will probably be released sometime in 2010. But her album "Within My Soul" deserves a second look by radio program managers and record company songwriting talent scouts. With a tighter mix and minus the vocal runs, the melodic "Long Helpless Fight" could be a mainstream country #1 hit for either Tichnell or another top female country artist. The memorable and powerful chorus penetrates the soul.

"Goin' Out Tonight" also has radio chart potential, and it's a song that should be on country radio playlists every Friday and Saturday night. "Let It Go" is another fine display of Drew Tichnell's songwriting talent. The lyrics are amazingly mature for someone so young, and the sound of "Let It Go" can be best described as Colbie Callait meets Carrie Underwood. With the nation's tough economic times and rampant job layoffs, "Let It Go" offers a poignant message that is relevant in today's social climate.
Motherhood came for Drew Tichnell after the release of "Within My Soul," and this new life experience should provide wonderful songwriting material. However, "Within My Soul" is a success, because it proves that Drew Tichnell has heart and God-given raw talent. This is the stuff stars are made of. So remember the name Drew Tichnell. You'll be hearing it again soon.