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ALBUM REVIEW: Mark McKinney Impresses with Mature and Heartfelt "World In Between"

While change isn't always good, it is for Mark McKinney. That's because his new album "World In Between" is a passionate, powerhouse project that moves the Texas country music genre forward with thought provoking lyrics and refreshing musicality that more tightly infuses Red Dirt with the best elements of rock. The long-awaited new album from McKinney is a striking departure from the Texas country artist's previous four, full-length albums such as Middle America (which we loved - click here to read our review from 2009 ). And the album, which was produced by the artist and his brother Eric McKinney at Austin's Wonderland Studios, is not to be missed. It is probably no coincidence that the cover art for World In Between literally shows three sides of Mark McKinney (see photo below). This is a fitting image for an album which obviously took significant time to conceive and produce as it was the artist's first full album since 2013's Standing My G