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Review: The Classic Imperials "Still Standing"

In the world of Christian music, there is no group that can match the long and fabled history of the Imperials. The group began with Jake Hess, later performed with Elvis and then successfully morphed into a pioneering force in the burgeoning contemporary Christian music (CCM) scene. After all that, some of the most famous members joined together in 2010 to form The Classic Imperials" with the new album "Still Standing." Indeed, the 11 terrific songs prove that the Classic Imperials are rock solid and standing tall.
The album begins with the bold anthem "Live My Life." The passionate vocal performance and instrumentation is a perfect package to reintroduce the Classic Imperials. However, the group really shines on the country track "No More Looking Over My Shoulder," which deserves radio airplay on both country and gospel radio. "Brighter Day" is a modern, upbeat praise and worship song that will manage to surprise both current fans and yo…

Review: R.W. Hampton "Austin To Boston"

The world's number one cowboy country singer is back with a new collection of songs that will thrill existing fans and bring in thousands of new ones, too. R.W. Hampton's "Austin To Boston" is a terrific example of an artist who is comfortable in his own skin and is not afraid to venture outside traditional country and western song selections.
Every fan of cowboy country already knows that an R.W. Hampton album will have top notch production and stellar vocals, so the biggest surprise is the album's uniquely wonderful song choices. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" was an inspired choice that Hampton dedicated to his wife and kids. Likewise, "Shortgrass" was written as a tribute to Hampton's son Cooper (and Cooper's best friend, Dawson) who decided to join the Marines while in high school. The two buddies have now traveled the world, and their service to the USA has been honored in perpetuity by R.W. Hampton's memorable song.

R.W. …