Album Review: Fiery Blue "Fiery Blue"

Mix a talented New York City singer with an Austin music producer and a San Diego songwriter and you get a spine-tingling sound that blurs the edges of rock, folk and alt-country. Indeed, the self-titled album "Fiery Blue" is a revelation of musical restraint and carefully harnessed talent that will hopefully lead to many more musical collaborations for the talented threesome.
Singer Simone Stevens does a lot of the heavy lifting on the album with an effortless vocal style that is truly pleasing to the ear on the carefully produced first track "Hide Away." However, the album's uber-cool style is obviously due to the hard work of producer Gabe Rhodes.

One of the biggest surprises on the album is the beautiful "Wild Bird," which deserves to be an alt-country chart hit, and Simone Stevens gives her most vulnerable performance here. "Wild Bird" would be a perfect addition to the playlist of Sirius-XM Radio's Coffeehouse channel and a number of Americana radio stations across the USA and Europe.

"Where They Are" has much of the same charm as "Wild Bird," and the sound is part Lucinda Williams and part Tracy Chapman. That's high praise. Radio program directors should take notice. "Diamond Ride" is also a uniquely wonderful song that envelopes the listener and won't let go. "Funland" also deserves special mention.

With 18 songs, "Fiery Blue" by Fiery Blue could have actually been two albums. Half of the tracks have an alt-country vibe while the other songs have a soft pop-rock musical feel. However, the talent on display here could probably fill up a jukebox or two.