Album Review: Brian Burke Band "Unraveled"

The Brian Burke Band is brand new to the Texas music scene, but you wouldn't guess it from hearing the new album "Unraveled." If Brian Burke can create an album this brimming over with raw talent in only a few months, then he and the boys might be duking it out with the Randy Rogers Band in no time.
Burke briefly attended Blinn College in Bryan, Texas and later Texas State University. His experiences there and a chance meeting with Cory Morrow at a private concert eventually led to a 5 song ep, a move to Fort Worth and, ultimately, the album "Unraveled" beside bandmates Clark Kaupke, Jake Williams and Brian Kirkpatrick.

The first track is "Shore To Shore," which has a pleasing contemporary country sound. However, either "Hope You're Gonna Be Mine" or "Break For You," might have been the best choice for the album's first song. "Break For You" has confident vocals and tight production that build to a rousing crescendo. Likewise, the album's most promising cut, "Hope You're Gonna Be Mine," is deserving of mainstream and Texas country radio airplay. It's also the album's best song.

"Country Girl" will please female fans with its memorable chorus, and BBB proves it can effectively tackle a country ballad with the superb "Just Me And You." The memorable chorus of "Near My Bed" also deserves special mention, and "Bartender" showcases Burke's skills with a classic Texas country honky-tonk cut.

At the end of the day, it's the little things that matter most on an album, and the bluesy, vocal prowess Brian Burke displays on the southern rock track "Little Things" bodes well for albums to come. "Unraveled" is an unqualified success for an up-and-comer like the Brian Burke Band. Get out the autograph books - these boys are destined to be country music stars.