Album Review: Circe Link And Her Discount Candy Family Band "California Kid"

The talent of Circe Link bursts to the surface on her new album "California Kid." The album is brimming over with vibrant energy and engaging lyrics, and the artist and her Discount Candy Family Band make a bold impression on all 11 tracks.
The album begins with "Salvation," which showcases Circe Link as an artist who sounds like she could be the love child of Miranda Lambert and Steve Earle. (Don't laugh, because it's truly a high compliment.) The next track "Random Act Of Kindness" offers the softer side of Circe Link with great artistic flourish.

Circe Link used to describe her music as "cowboy jazz," but even she recognizes that this moniker is too simplistic. The Los Angeles, California resident is obviously heavily influenced by the flourishing California music scene, and it shows on "Getting High (On Your Own Supply)." The intimate title track "California Kid" is also a winner.

The softer side of the artist is shown on "Home Isn't Home Without You" and "Taking It Light." These two cuts are proof positive that Circe Link could have a major Nashville career if she so desired, and "Home Isn't Home Without You" could be a country chart hit today with a tighter edit and more traditional country instrumentation. Upon repeated listens, "Taking It Light" could also have chart potential.

"California Kid" is an album that will shock and surprise many Americana and country fans who have yet to familiarize themselves with Circe Link And Her Discount Candy Family Band. Radio program directors take notice, because Circe Link is an artist that will please fans of all ages. If Circe Link could harness all of her significant energy to produce a 100% country album with her signature style, she could be the next big thing.