Review: Dave Caley "Live This Life"

Dave Caley loves good, old fashioned country music, and Caley's newest album is a sensational look into the mind and heart of a God-fearing country boy. Dave Caley's biggest hit to date is "God's Grand Ole Opry," which celebrates the traditional country greats of years gone by. However, Caley advances his own career with the new album that blends traditional country with cowboy country and gospel.
Dave Caley's parents probably never imagined that their son would become a country musician when he was born in Blackpool, England. Caley claims Michigan as his home state, and he is in the Michigan Country Music Hall Of Fame. However, Caley and his wife, Christina, now call Kokomo, Indiana home.

The album begins with the title track "Live This Life," which has a cool, retro vibe. The country quotient rises considerably on the gospel-tinged "Chosen One," but Caley's star really shines on the ballad "Hard To Be Honest." Caley's vocal performance is so stunning that the female background vocals only distract from the powerful track.

The current single "Redneck Love Gone Bad" is a fun, campy country song that should be popular on both radio and in country honky tonks around the USA. Once again, it is another slower song where Caley shines. "You Were Mine" is a sentimental country music treat that will please listeners of all ages. Radio program directors should take notice.

"Sunset Boulevard" has a hard-edged, Texas country sound that suits the singer, and Caley more than does justice to "Nothing To Die For," which was made famous by Tim McGraw. However, the biggest surprise on the album is "Jesus Was A Fisherman," which clearly proves that Dave Caley could have a bright future in the southern gospel and country gospel genres. It's a toe-tapping delight and should be released to gospel radio immediately.

"Live This Life" from Dave Caley is remarkable for its diversity, and the album deserves a spot in the music collection of any fan of traditional country music with a gospel flavor. Dave Caley is living his life to the fullest, and he's helping listeners enjoy their lives with a lot of talent mixed with a heaping helping of country charm.