Album Review: Tommy Alverson "Texas One More Time"

Tommy Alverson has a golden country voice that is the perfect compliment to a cold beer. That's high praise in Texas. Indeed, "Texas One More Time" continues the fine musical tradition of the Texas country music legend. Not that we would expect anything less.
The album begins with the outlaw country title cut "Texas 1 More Time" and is followed by the beautiful "Don't Mind If I Do" and the radio-ready musical gem "Broken Hearted People."

Tommy Alverson never cheats his fans, and "Texas One More Time" offers a jam-packed 14 songs, including the traditional country gem "Sweet Love." However, the best track and biggest surprise on the album is the new Tex-Mex classic "Move To Texas."

The elder statesmen of the indie Texas music scene proves he knows lots about his love for beer on the self-penned track "I Wish I Didn't Love You." Likewise, the blues-infused vocal performance on "All Of These Things" also deserves special mention. But Tommy Alverson saves the best for last with "Stoned, Slow 'N' Rugged" which the country bar crowd will eat up faster than free hot wings during happy hour.

Tommy Alverson's "Texas One More Time" is one of the best country albums of the year - of any genre. The 14 songs that make up the album satisfy the soul and offer a welcome respite from the pop-country songs that permeate today's country music scene. No one will ever call Tommy Alverson a sell-out, because he once again proves he is steady, consistent and always ready to deliver "one more time."