Review: Justin McBride "Live At Billy Bob's Texas"

World champion bull rider Justin McBride knows how to work a ranch, and "Live At Billy Bob's Texas" proves that he can also work the crowd of the most famous stage in Texas country music. McBride is a natural and charismatic entertainer who has a big future in country music.
McBride starts by saying "Hello, Texas" and immediately begins the song "Tonight Ain't The Day," which is a traditional country song that is performed with passion. The outlaw country track "That Was Us" showcases the best aspect of Justin McBride. As a former PBR champion bull rider, McBride has an instant cowboy tough guy appeal that will be massively popular with country music fans. "Don't Let Go" has much of the same charm and a memorable melody.

The cut "Beer Drinkin' Songs" (featuring J.W. Hart) is especially appropriate at the world's largest honky tonk. At the same time, the bull riding champion saved the best track for last: "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way" is country music gold, and this song is proof positive that Justin McBride has the skills to tackle traditional country music. The musicianship of the song is also stellar.

Four studio tracks round out the end of the album's 19 tracks and feature a studio version of Buddy Owens' "Tonight Ain't The Day," which is the current radio single. The other studio tracks "God's In Oklahoma," "Lived Past Dying" and especially "Cadillac Cowboy" are toe-tapping musical treats.

Justin McBride's "Live At Billy Bob's Texas" is a revelation and boldly announces the career aspirations of a true contender for the next-big-thing in country music. Most country artists who are previously known for another career often have a hard time successfully endearing themselves to country music audiences and recording the right songs. But like bull riding, Justin McBride makes it look easy.