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Free Download: Asleep At The Wheel (feat. Willie Nelson) "Truck Driver Blues"

Get a free download of "Truck Driver's Blues" from Asleep at the Wheel & Leon Rausch featuring Willie Nelson by clicking here. The song is a true, traditional country music gem that deserves a prominent place on your MP3 playlist.

UPDATE: This special offer is now over, but the song is free to Amazon Prime members. Click below to access the music for free with Amazon Prime or to purchase for 99 cents.

Get Free Download of "Truck Driver's Blues"

Get 1 Year of "American Cowboy" Magazine for $7.50

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Review: Terri Hendrix "Cry Till You Laugh"

Most country music aficionados are aware of Terri Hendrix and her superb musicianship. But Hendrix has surpassed even her own high standards with the terrific "Cry Till You Laugh." Terri Hendrix cares about her fans, and she offers 15 tracks with the characteristically top-notch production of Texas music legend Lloyd Maines.
The first song is the sparse and wonderful "Wall Theory," and it's followed by the melodic "Slow Down." This cut deserves to be a radio hit, and it has a cool vibe that should win Terri Hendrix new fans. "I'm going to make time to soak it all in," she sings. And listeners of the album would be wise to do the same.

The jazz and blues-infused "Automatic" showcases the rich vocals of Terri Hendrix. But it is "Hand Me Down Blues" when the album really comes into its own. Hendrix wrote the song, and she sings it with conviction. "Roll On" has much of the same charm, and this cut is a winnin…

Review: Prophet & The Cowboys Of Apocalypse "The Edge"

Take a heaping dose of heavy metal sensibility and mix it with some southwestern country rock and you have Prophet & The Cowboys Of The Apocalypse. Prophet's unique and groundbreaking first solo album is titled "The Edge," and you'll definitely be on the edge of your seat listening to every track.
Prophet is a former heavy metal musician with the band St Madness, which has released seven albums since 1993. But Prophet himself has evolved as a musician over the years. He faced cancer (including chemotherapy treatments) and the long goodbye of his mother who had ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) during the 2000s. This change in life circumstances caused Prophet to look past his love of heavy metal and create a metal-Texas country hybrid that breaks the mold of cookie-cutter country music.

Prophet told Country Chart that he has been a longtime fan of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Paycheck and David Allen Coe. Prophet said. "This album is my …

Review: Lee County Line "Lee County Line" Self-Titled EP

Fans of Texas country music have reason to celebrate, because the four-member Lee County Line is ready to rock the radio with its unique blend of melodic Red Dirt. The band's self-titled EP represents a significant step-forward for a band whose members are not even old enough to drink.
Lead singer Tanner McPhaul shines on the first track "The Way Things Change." This cut, written by drummer Josh Murdoch, has a cool Randy Rogers Band meets Hootie and the Blowfish vibe. The instrumentation is solid, and the production of Will Nicholson is above average.

The second cut "Her Lyin' Eyes" is a rollicking gem that will be popular at Lee County Line (LCL) concerts. However, the EP comes into its own with the intimate cut "Songs About Me." The track starts out with intense lyrics and builds to an rousing (almost gospel-like) crescendo.

"Take My Hand" showcases the band's stellar instrumentation, but the best song on the album is saved for l…

Single Review: George Ducas "Never Goes Away"

Country music veteran George Ducas is back with "Never Goes Away." Fans of live country music shows have long known that George Ducas is a superb, energetic live performer. However, "Never Goes Away" shows the tender side of the Texas City native with a memorable melody and a Red Dirt vibe.
Ducas wrote the song with Texas music legend Randy Rogers and Jon Henderson. Country music fans often lament the popularity of pop country music in recent years. But "Never Goes Away" breaks this trend and is a "real" country song with terrific lyrics and a top-notch vocal performance.

Radio program directors should put this song in heavy rotation, and country music fans should hit the redial button three or four times to repeatedly request "Never Goes Away." Indeed, George Ducas has also continued to prove that his talent "never goes away" either.

Review: Nick Verzosa "The Smoking Gun EP'

Success in the music industry is dependent on talent, hard work and a good amount of luck. But the process is whole lot easier if an artist has the frequently mentioned "it" factor. From the first track to the last, Nick Verzosa proves that he's the real deal. And the five stellar tracks on "The Smoking Gun EP" will leave Texas country music aficionados aching for a complete 11 or 12 song album.
The EP begins with the terrific "Look Back To Texas," which has a cool, laid-back Texas country vibe reminiscent of Wade Bowen and Brandon Rhyder. "Look Back To Texas" is a new Texas country classic that has a memorable Red Dirt melody. The sparse and intense "Somethin' Lucky" is a Chris Knight style "story in song" that works on all levels.

However, the project really comes into its own with the ballad "Let It Go." Nick Verzosa's pure vocal style is on full display in this beautiful love song. "Back Whe…