Album Review: Terry Mills "Man Behind The Curtain"

Terry Mills has a sincere and earnest vocal delivery reminiscent of the best music of Lucinda Williams. Her new album "Man Behind The Curtain" takes the veil off a brand new music talent that will leave music fans eagerly anticipating her next release.
Terry Mills has a cool, alt-country vibe on the first track "Island Girl," but the album really picks up steam with the Tracy Chapman meets Jewel track "Psycho Cat." The softer side of Mills is showcased on "Sunshine Boy."

A bluesy, country sound is introduced on the title track "Man Behind The Curtain." Terry Mills seems most comfortable with this style, and she would be wise to consider recording a full album in this vein. "The Cold, The Rain & Saturday" offers a folk vocal  from Terry Mills that continues to show her diversity.

The finest track on the album and best chance for a country chart hit is "Robin Song." The production and vocals are pitch perfect. Likewise, the alt country "We're Related" is an amazing surprise blending Americana, gospel and traditional country.

The cut "Comfort In Three-Quarter Time" (which would have been a great album title) introduces Terry Mills as country balladeer. "Defenseless" is sung with sincerity as is the tender "Soar." The album ends with an earnest folk track titled "Noel Y'all." The lyrics pierce the soul and would make Joni Mitchell proud.

Terry Mills is a creative and exciting new artist worthy of a music career. She wrote every track on the album, except one, and "Man Behind The Curtain" is an amazing example of an artist just on the cusp of finding her signature sound. Indeed, the 11 songs on the album conclusively prove that the next time we see this woman step from behind the curtain, we should be prepared to witness great things.