Review: Terri Hendrix "Cry Till You Laugh"

Most country music aficionados are aware of Terri Hendrix and her superb musicianship. But Hendrix has surpassed even her own high standards with the terrific "Cry Till You Laugh." Terri Hendrix cares about her fans, and she offers 15 tracks with the characteristically top-notch production of Texas music legend Lloyd Maines.
The first song is the sparse and wonderful "Wall Theory," and it's followed by the melodic "Slow Down." This cut deserves to be a radio hit, and it has a cool vibe that should win Terri Hendrix new fans. "I'm going to make time to soak it all in," she sings. And listeners of the album would be wise to do the same.

The jazz and blues-infused "Automatic" showcases the rich vocals of Terri Hendrix. But it is "Hand Me Down Blues" when the album really comes into its own. Hendrix wrote the song, and she sings it with conviction. "Roll On" has much of the same charm, and this cut is a winning story in song that slowly builds to a melodic crescendo.

The biggest star of the album is Hendrix - that is, Hendrix the songwriter. She has a unique perspective that is witty without being overbearing. "Einstein's Brain" is an example of this. In another writer's hand, the song almost certainly wouldn't have worked. The deft hand of Hendrix is also on full display with tracks like "You Belong In New Orleans," "Hula Mary" and "The Berlin Wall."

"Come Tomorrow" is another radio-ready cut that listeners will eat up like fresh peaches at a church picnic. The album ends on an upbeat and positive note courtesy of "Take Me Places." This upbeat cut will cause infectious toe-tapping from anyone with a pulse.

The album is a musical triumph that defies labels or musical genres. "Cry Till You Laugh" deserves to be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come. However, the only crying you'll be doing about this album is if a friend asks to borrow it. They'll never return it, and you'll definitely be crying like a baby who lost his bottle. Yes, "Cry Till You Laugh" is that good.