Review: Prophet & The Cowboys Of Apocalypse "The Edge"

Take a heaping dose of heavy metal sensibility and mix it with some southwestern country rock and you have Prophet & The Cowboys Of The Apocalypse. Prophet's unique and groundbreaking first solo album is titled "The Edge," and you'll definitely be on the edge of your seat listening to every track.
Prophet is a former heavy metal musician with the band St Madness, which has released seven albums since 1993. But Prophet himself has evolved as a musician over the years. He faced cancer (including chemotherapy treatments) and the long goodbye of his mother who had ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) during the 2000s. This change in life circumstances caused Prophet to look past his love of heavy metal and create a metal-Texas country hybrid that breaks the mold of cookie-cutter country music.

Prophet told Country Chart that he has been a longtime fan of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Paycheck and David Allen Coe. Prophet said. "This album is my attempt at making a record with the flavor of my heroes music, but done in my own way," Prophet said. Indeed, tracks like "High As Hell" and his record label (Nasty Prick Records) prove that.

He has succeeded on all levels, and the album deserves a wide audience. The Phoenix native begins his album with the anthemic track "Arizona" that has a melodic ambiance that embodies the singer's reverence for his home state. However, the project picks up pace with "I'm A Free Man."

The title track of "The Edge" showcases Prophet's uniquely wonderful vocals, but it is the understated "Goodnight Angel" that shows a more intimate side of the musician. By showing the listener the full range of his human emotion and insecurities, Prophet offers a heartbreaking social statement. "Here I Am," sings Prophet. It is very believable, because this is a cry of an honest man.

From the brink of despair, Prophet offers one of the best party songs of the decade with "BBQ-U." The track has a punk rock meets country rockabilly sound that works. The Rolling Stones cover "Paint It Black" is also a rock n' roll gem. "Just Another Day" and "Goin' To Brazil" also deserve special mention. 

Prophet & The Cowboys Of Apocalypse's album "The Edge" is an extra special musical project that deserves to be bought, enjoyed and shared. Prophet is an eclectic musician that will win him both fans and detractors, and this is an album music fans will either love or hate. We're firmly on the "love it" side, and the Phoenix Music Awards agree. It was nominated for Record Of The Year. God bless the fine folks of Phoenix and the man they call Prophet.