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Review: Shawn Colvin "Live (Yoshi's San Francisco)"

It's not just luck that Shawn Colvin is a music star around the world. In fact, Colvin's new album titled "Live (Yoshi's San Francisco)" provides proof positive that Shawn Colvin is still at the very top of her profession. Indeed, Shawn Colvin's "Live" is the best concert recording of the year.
Shawn Colvin is one of the stars of the "new folk" movement that began in the late 1980s, but Colvin herself only began receiving mass attention from the music press and fans since the release of 1996's "A Few Small Repairs" and its 1997 hit single "Sunny Came Home." On the album "Live," Colvin presents a new and fresh version of the murder ballad that is thrilling in its quiet intensity.

The album, recorded at the famed San Francisco jazz club Yoshi's, begins with the announcer saying: "Please welcome to the stage...Shawn Colvin." Colvin begins playing guitar for the first song "Polaroids" wh…

Review: Ben Smith “Pendulum”

Ben Smith's new album "Pendulum" is a feel-good, laid-back, toe-tapping, Texas country triumph that deserves the ear of any country music fan looking for a musician that is destined to become the next big thing. This country boy offers a refreshing break from new country artists who take themselves too seriously, because it's clear Ben Smith loves to have a good time. And, by the way, with songs like "Shuck N' Jive" and "Country Summer Days," it's clear he wants you to have fun, too.
Ben Smith is a man who might have been six feet under right now instead of sharing stages with Walt Wilkins and Stoney LaRue. You see, this Dallas, Texas singer-songwriter was almost killed in a farming accident at age 16 when he was pinned underneath a three-ton tractor that flipped. But this talented Texan took the near-miss as a sign that life is short, and he set his sights on a career based on his own brand of alt-country and acoustic pop music.