Review: Pine Leaf Boys “Homage Au Passe” (Homage To The Past)

The young Louisiana band members of the The Pine Leaf Boys offer a masterful tribute to their Cajun music heroes in the appropriately titled "Homage Au Passe" (Homage To The Pass). This album deservedly received a  2009 Grammy nomination in the new Cajun/Zydeco album category based solely on its digital debut on iTunes, and now the project is available in record stores everywhere. It is not to be missed.
The band formed in Lafayette, Louisiana, a city which has taken a lead in producing exceptional new Cajun/Creole music talent. However, it is safe to say that there is no greater band on the Cajun scene today than The Pine Leaf Boys. From the lead track titled "Festival Acadiens Two Step" to the final moments of the superb final song, "I'll Always Take Care Of You," The Pine Leaf Boys never falter in providing riveting, rockin' and groundbreaking performances.

Indeed, the Pine Leaf Boys new album "Homage Au Passe" is proof positive that this is a Cajun band that will be around for many decades to come. And this stellar album is destined to become a Cajun music classic.