Review: Moonshine Bandits “Divebars And Truckstops”

Nobody should accuse the Moonshine Bandits of being subtle. And that's a good thing, because "Divebars And Truckstops" is one of the best country rap-rock albums ever. No kidding - the boys of the Moonshine Bandits have cooked up a musical feast that any blue-collar, red-blooded American male will eat up like an ant at a picnic.
The album begins with the stellar "Big Tex" and followed by "I'm Still Here" which offers bold, confident lyrics. The first single "Whiskey River" is a rockin' tune that can best be described as Big & Rich meets Bubba Sparxxx. In "Back Home," the Moonshine Bandits describe their music as rockabilly hip-hop, and it's the country rock edge that gives "Divebars And Truckstops" its infectious sound.

The biggest surprise of the album and best chance for major chart success is the breezy, Uncle Kracker-esque tune titled "Saturday Afternoon," which deserves to become a huge radio hit. The outlaw country and crowd pleasing track "Blame It On Texas" is another big surprise, and this is one country drinking song that should be on the jukebox at every honky tonk in Texas and beyond. It's a feel-good track that also has chart potential.

Years from now, many of us will still be enjoying songs like "Take Her To The Country" and "Fists & Jager" because the Moonshine Bandits' take no prisoners, hard rockin' style is the type of music that makes us remember the best days of our life. And in today's world of foreclosures, layoffs and corporate bailouts, there's no higher praise for an album than that.