Review: porterdavis "porter davis" (Self-Titled)

The new, self-titled album from porterdavis is a Roots music masterpiece with pitch-perfect three-part harmonies and engaging, thoughtful lyrics. Fans of Blues and Roots music should run - not walk - to their favorite music dealer to buy "porterdavis."
The best song on the project is the superb "Grass Growing On Concrete" which showcases the band's stripped-down instrumentation and penetrating vocals. Other standouts include "Strange Way To Grieve," "Jack" and the new Americana classic track titled "Carter's Tune" featuring Eliza Gilkyson.

The band members, Daniel Barrett, Mike Meadows and Simon Wallace, crafted nine original songs (and one cover - "Can't Be Satisfied" by Muddy Waters) with the help of famed producer Gurf Morlix. By the way, porterdavis' unique name is a tribute to Boston's Porter Square and Davis Square subway stations where Daniel Barrett and Mike Meadows got their start by busking for busy Boston commuters. The band now makes its home in Austin, Texas.

From this modest start, the band's pure, raw vocals and sparse musicianship combined with an old-fashioned work ethic have resulted in a landmark music release. You see, the members of porterdavis are not interested in fancy computer sound engineering or clever recording techniques. Their goal is to record passionate Roots and Blues that delivers the sound of a live concert. And with the album "porterdavis," these good ole boys have succeeded mightily.