Review: Ben Smith “Pendulum”

Ben Smith's new album "Pendulum" is a feel-good, laid-back, toe-tapping, Texas country triumph that deserves the ear of any country music fan looking for a musician that is destined to become the next big thing. This country boy offers a refreshing break from new country artists who take themselves too seriously, because it's clear Ben Smith loves to have a good time. And, by the way, with songs like "Shuck N' Jive" and "Country Summer Days," it's clear he wants you to have fun, too.
Ben Smith is a man who might have been six feet under right now instead of sharing stages with Walt Wilkins and Stoney LaRue. You see, this Dallas, Texas singer-songwriter was almost killed in a farming accident at age 16 when he was pinned underneath a three-ton tractor that flipped. But this talented Texan took the near-miss as a sign that life is short, and he set his sights on a career based on his own brand of alt-country and acoustic pop music.

Smith's sound is unusual on the Texas music scene. With the track "The Other Side," Ben Smith is part Jack Johnson and part Jack Ingram. This song showcases the major appeal of Smith, a man who is an upbeat musical troubadour who has the heart of an everyman. Indeed, he really is good ole boy.

The album's first song "Doin' Alright" provides a great start to the album and offers a memorable chorus. Another standout track from the album is the Texas road song titled "Miles Of Texas," which should be at the top of the Texas Music Charts. However, the best song on "Pendulum" is the sparse and beautiful tune "Lullaby" which showcases an engaging, softer side of the singer-songwriter and is followed by the almost equally powerful "Through The Dark."

The tracks presented on "Pendulum" show that Ben Smith has a broad repertoire that might win fans on the college music and pop scene as well as country. Whatever happens for Smith in the future, we already know from his personal life that he's a survivor. And in the music business, that take-no-prisoners, no-holds-barred attitude is one of the key ingredients to success. Combine that with his considerable musical skills and a compelling personality, the new album "Pendulum" proves that Ben Smith is geared up for music success over the next couple of decades or so.