Top 10 Today's Country Music Albums Chart - Hot Country Artists CD and Vinyl Record Chart plus MP3 Downloads 2018

Find the top albums in Today's Country Music from the most popular artists in country musicThe term "Today's Country" refers to a specific sub-genre of country music that primarily focuses on radio-ready current trending country music. The "Today's Country" Music Album Chart highlights the top new music from the brightest country music stars, including George Strait, Little Big Town, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

- The "Today's Country" Music Albums Chart - Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). The chart is updated hourly.

Country radio is highly important to the constant evolution of the genre of country music, and many of the most successful country radio station programmers believe in using the most popular artists from the "Today's Country" sub-genre of country music. Therefore, the Top 10 "Today's Country" Albums Chart is a good guide to the type of music being played on country radio right now. Stay tuned to for the top new albums in "Today's country" music.

TOP 10 'TODAY'S COUNTRY' MUSIC ALBUMS: Most Popular 'Today's Country' Album & EP Chart

TOP TRENDING 'TODAY'S COUNTRY' MUSIC CHART: New Release 'Today's Country' New Release Albums Trending Now

TOP RATED 'TODAY'S COUNTRY' ALBUMS CHART: Top Critically Acclaimed and Highly Rated 'Today's Country' CD & Vinyl Album Chart

MOST DISCUSSED 'TODAY'S COUNTRY' MUSIC ALBUMS CHART: Top Talked About and Wished For 'Today's Country' CDs and Vinyl Record Albums

TOP SHARED 'TODAY'S COUNTRY' MUSIC ALBUMS CHART: Most Gifted 'Today's Country' Compact Discs and Vinyl Record Albums

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