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Live Concert Coutnry Music Chart - Top Concert Country Music
Live music is the lifeblood of country music, and the Top 10 Live Country Recordings chart highlights the top live recorded songs and albums from concerts of your favorite country music artists. Country concertgoers are among the most rabid ticket buyers for musical events across the United States, and may country fans prefer the immediacy of feeling in live concert recordings. This has led to a stellar group of artists producing top country music songs and albums that people want to hear again and again. This music chart completely involves live music recordings from country artists in a concert setting.

- The Live Country Music Recording Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). The Live Country Music Recording Chart is updated hourly by staff reporters.

The top trending live concert country recordings are included along with the top albums and songs. Many country music artists thrive in high pressure concerts among thousands of fans and offer their best performances. Thankfully, many of these performances have been captured on recordings that can be offered to fans - both in packaged music (CD and Vinyl) along with digital downloads on MP3s and iTunes' Apple Music. Stay tuned to Country Chart Magazine and CountryChart,com for the best live country music recordings.

TOP 10 LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC SINGLES CHART: Hot Live Country Music Recording Songs & Singles

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HOT LIVE RECORDING COUNTRY ALBUMS: Most Popular Country Music Albums Recorded Live

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FAN FAVORITE LIVE COUNTRY ALBUMS: Top Critically Acclaimed Albums & EPs Recorded Live

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The Country Music Compilations, Greatest Hits Retrospective and Box Set Country Albums Chart


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