Top 10 Country Music Vinyl and Compact Discs 2024 - Hot New Country Vinyl Albums Chart & CD Music Releases

Top Country Music Compact Discs and Record Albums ChartThese are the Top New Country Music Compact Disc releases for the week, and our CD chart highlights the hottest new packaged physical music releases in country music right now. Find trending new release CDs and Vinyl. and Walmart are two of the top retailers in country music, and the charts below reflect the influence of these two retailers on country music sales from top country music artists on radio and streaming services, as well as artists who have a fan base that purchases music regularly..

- The Country CD & Vinyl Musc Chart is published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). This chart is updated hourly by the staff.

Compact discs and vinyl records are important items for country fans to own. In fact, streaming and MP3 downloads do not engender the amount of fan attachment of compact discs and vinyl records. Country fans want to own a piece of their favorite artists and study the front CD insert by reading the credits and mentions of thanks that include photos and other information. Record albums of country artists are considered art by many, and fans of vinyl can't imagine listening to their favorite music on anything other than a record album.

The Top New Country CD & Vinyl Record Chart is published to allow fans to see which albums are selling best right now and highlight trending new releases. Stay tuned to for new CD and Vinyl album releases.

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