New Music: Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses "Junky Star"

Following an Academy Award win for "The Weary Kind" from the movie Crazy Heart, Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses are back with "Junky Star." And you can download it today (all 13 songs!) for only $3.99 by clicking here.

Fans have been clamoring for new Ryan Bingham music, and new listeners will also find much to like here. Get it today for only $3.99 - the best bargain all month.

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Video Review: Ray Taylor "Designer Girl" Featuring Cal Baker

Ray Taylor has reason to be proud of the new video for his radio single "Designer Girl" featuring singer Cal Baker, because it's a winner. As a California resident, Taylor takes full advantage of the state's video production talent and creates a video that sizzles with the sex appeal of the female lead while offering laid-back country charm.

Country Chart Magazine is proud to have had a small part in helping encourage the production of the video. Taylor said: "The reason I did the video was because I was inspired by the review (Country Chart) wrote on my album."

In the review, we called "Designer Girl" the biggest surprise of his new project titled "Country Birthday Song Album." The full review can be read by clicking here.

Country Chart Magazine salutes Ray Taylor and RayTaylorSounds for the video "Designer Girl." Fans of solid, traditional country music should buy the album and request the video. By the way, the editor and camera operator responsible for displaying  the loveliness of the female leading lady also deserve some praise, too. Now the big question: Is it too presumptuous for us to ask for a phone number?

Album Review: The High Irons "Unusual Opportunities For Young Men"

The members of the alt-country band The High Irons are back with "Unusual Opportunities For Young Men." After a few well-received albums, the Brooklyn, New York band has retooled and created a cool, retro-cowboy vibe that could ignite their career with Americana and alt-country audiences.
The album begins with the western "Lovesick Hearts" that features an intense vocal performance. But the recording really picks up steam with the rockin' "Carolina." This cut could be a hit on Texas country radio with its rollicking melody and memorable lyrics. "Country Hardball" has much of the same charm.

The title track offers piercing lyrics and mixes an 80s rock sound with Americana sensibilities. "Long For Your Touch" offers elements of British Invasion. However, another potential country chart hit is the Red Dirt-tinged "Message" with its easily hummable melody.

The Traveling Wilbury-esque "Stranded On the Subway" is by far the best cut on the album. The track oozes musical authenticity. Radio program directors should take notice of this new Americana gem.

The High Irons obviously traded up with  its new line-up, because "Unusual Opportunities For Young Men" is a winner. In addition, three songs on the album deserve to bring these Brooklyn boys to Nashville and the country charts. Unusual opportunities, indeed.

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