Video Review: Ray Taylor "Designer Girl" Featuring Cal Baker

Ray Taylor has reason to be proud of the new video for his radio single "Designer Girl" featuring singer Cal Baker, because it's a winner. As a California resident, Taylor takes full advantage of the state's video production talent and creates a video that sizzles with the sex appeal of the female lead while offering laid-back country charm.

Country Chart Magazine is proud to have had a small part in helping encourage the production of the video. Taylor said: "The reason I did the video was because I was inspired by the review (Country Chart) wrote on my album."

In the review, we called "Designer Girl" the biggest surprise of his new project titled "Country Birthday Song Album." The full review can be read by clicking here.

Country Chart Magazine salutes Ray Taylor and RayTaylorSounds for the video "Designer Girl." Fans of solid, traditional country music should buy the album and request the video. By the way, the editor and camera operator responsible for displaying  the loveliness of the female leading lady also deserve some praise, too. Now the big question: Is it too presumptuous for us to ask for a phone number?