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Our famous Alternative Country Music Chart offers 8 different iTunes alt Country charts on one page - including top alt country songs and albums.

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Our well-regarded Alternative Country Music Chart offers eight different charts on one page of the top new and classic alt country songs, EPs and albums. These charts showcase the hottest artists in alternative country music.

The "Alt-Country" or "Alternative Country" sub-genre of country music is currently one of the most interesting and inventive sub-genres of country music. Indeed, alt country began as some artists wanted to explore music outside of country music - bringing in musical influences from punk, rock, folk. Thus, the alt-country movement was born using many of the instruments already popular in country music, such as the guitar, bass guitar, piano, harmonica, fiddle, cello and steel guitar.

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Alt country music does have some distinct characteristics that separate it from traditional and new country music. First, the music sometimes features true despair and social awareness. At the same time, alternative country music often stays away from the classic themes of country music that some people find tiring or cliche. But one of the hallmarks of alternative country music is that it is in fact difficult to define, and someone who knows the sub-genre of alt-country can recognize it when they hear it. the Alternative Country Music Songs and Album Chart will attempt to highlight the most important and popular music in the alt country sub-genre. Stay tuned to for news, charts and reviews of alternative country music.

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