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Like Bluegrass? The Contemporary Bluegrass Music Chart provides the most popular daily chart of the top songs and albums in contemporary bluegrass music.

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Beginning in the 1980s, many Bluegrass music fans warmed to a somewhat more modern style of music that built upon the bedrocks of Traditional Bluegrass and Progressive Bluegrass. This sub-genre of Bluegrass was called "Contemporary Bluegrass," and it has managed develop into a thriving group on bands and Contemporary Bluegrass artists that create innovative and captivating music. Nevertheless, Contemporary Bluegrass music still manages to adhere to many elements of Traditional Bluegrass while still managing to sound fresh and new.

- The Contemporary Bluegrass Music Chart is published each day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). Country Chart Magazine publishes this chart weekdays and weekends - including holidays.

The Contemporary Bluegrass Music Chart highlights the most popular music in this sub-genre of Bluegrass. Fans of Contemporary Bluegrass music are actively represented on the Bluegrass music festival scene are frequent ticket buyers for concerts. At the same, time Contemporary Bluegrass fans actively purchase new music and check charts to see the top albums and singles. Stay tuned to Country Chart Magazine for the Contemporary Bluegrass charts, news and reviews.

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