SINGLE REVIEW: "Suffer in Peace" by Tyler Farr - plus new album, free song downloads, new videos

Review of Tyler Farr's "Suffer In Peace" Country MusicTyler Farr is back with a new single "Suffer In Peace," which is the title track to his new album (April 28) of the same name. The single is a major surprise - with thought provoking lyrics that immediately grab you and a winning chorus you just can't forget. "Suffer In Peace" is not your average country song - it is a textured goodbye letter from a person in deep pain. To help fans really understand and appreciate the new single, Tyler Farr even made the unusual move of releasing two new videos for "Suffer In Peace" (one live from Nashville). Plus, he is offering his fans the single free right now (plus two additional songs) when they preorder the new album for $7.99 on iTunes or Amazon.

First of all, let's get something straight: There is some suffering involved with listening to the single "Suffer In Peace" - actually, just enough to help you truly feel the lyrics. From the first syllable uttered in the song, you immediately understand the pain in Tyler Farr's voice as he achingly begins to realize that his life has changed forever.

The track starts with a slightly hushed Tyler Farr deep in thought and enveloped in raw emotional pain from being scorned by the woman he obviously still loves. The song begins: "Girl you know I love this town... Lived here all my life right up till you left me." Farr then tells her he "figured" the town where they lived together would be where he died, but that he is now thinking about leaving. He says he wants to get a U-Haul and sell every possession he owns. Farr has convinced himself that moving "out West" - maybe to a cabin in a no-name town in Utah - will allow him to forget about the pain and the woman who left him. (Review continues below.)
Tyler Farr Suffer in Peace Album Preorder on iTunes for $7.99 with 3 free songs

"Suffer In Peace" reaches an emotional high point when Tyler Farr mentions that he wants to take the Bible his mother gave him and read it so he might "stumble on some words" that will "save" him. This is a man at a breaking point with nothing to lose. In fact, the only thing on his mind is the woman he loves and the brutal way that she hurt him. He has concluded that all that matters now is to "Suffer In Peace."

While the lyrics are indeed tough to handle, it must be mentioned that the single's production quality is top-notch as usual from Tyler Farr. However, taking lyrics like these and blending them with a convincing and aching performance is a difficult feat that is a group effort. So Tyler Farr and his talented production team deserve immense credit here.

In the next verse, we find out that there is another man involved and that Farr does not trust himself around the "other man" and his ex. He suggests things could get violent if he sees them together. So he wants to get away and hear the sound of a "mountain breeze" so the can suffer alone with no telephone or television.... and without going to jail for something he knows he might do if he sees the other man with his woman at the wrong time and the wrong place. (Review continues below.)

The idea of getting away from it all  - leaving everything behind when times are tough - is a feeling that probably everyone has had at some point in their life. Whether you lost your job, were served with divorce papers, failed a class or lost your best friend in a car accident, there are times in life that are almost too hard to deal with - and you just want (and need) a little space. That's what "Suffer In Peace" is all about.

However, it seems that this could song rather convincingly manage to help people that are hurting - by allowing them to lick their wounds and move on. The song has a soaring chorus that is juxtaposed against the content of the lyrics. And, remarkably, the listener is left feeling somewhat uplifted. Indeed, Farr helps the listener move from the depths of despair at the beginning of the song to actually feeling a sense of eager anticipation of visiting the peaceful "cabin in the woods" - with quiet time reserved only for petting the dog and reading the Bible. 

Creating a song with so many layers and performing it with such heartfelt conviction make this country single unmissable. Farr has also produced a live version of the song and released it on video (see above). The live version of the song provides a slightly less intense listening experience. While "Suffer In Peace" will be a true stand-out for Tyler Farr concerts, the song "Suffer In Peace" will have a more lasting impact by helping people who are hurting find the peace and comfort they so desperately need. Suffering has never sounded so good.

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