ALBUM REVIEW: Darrell Goldman "The Bed I've Made"

Singer-songwriters like Houston-native Darrell Goldman face long odds and daunting obstacles - especially when crafting and perfecting a body of songs that make up a debut album. However, Darrell Goldman manages to pull it all together with just the right elements on his first project "The Bed I've Made." And this album is a cozy cup of country goodness that would make anyone yearn for an extra hour in their day to spend with this winning album.

The music begins with the superbly-performed "Hold On My Heart," which offers heartfelt lyrics and a confident, laid-back style that works. The next track "In This Together" is a refreshingly folksy cut that is aided by thought-provoking lyrics. The constant refrain "we're in this together" is sung with a warmth that is rare among country music performers.

Darrell Goldman's debut album is titled "The Bed I've Made"
"Lookin' For Love" is a classic country track that would woo almost any country woman to the dance floor and should find many fans. Conversely, "Gypsy Rose" is a hard-pumping, wake up call that provokes a feeling of action in the listener.

The second-half of Darrell Goldman's "The Bed I've Made" album starts on a melancholy note with the sincere and passionate "Tears And Loneliness." The serious mood continues with the traditional country "Point Of No Return," which offers such colorful lyrics and toe-tapping music that you almost forget that the song is about a relationship that has all but ended.

The title track "The Bed I've Made" is the album's standout cut and deserves attention from Texas radio and country music program directors. This melodic song slowly simmers and offers a stunning payoff with a near-perfect country music melody. Goldman's album ends with "Between The Lines," and this track showcases the singer-songwriter's vocal talent better than any of the other songs on the album. "Between The Lines" also deserves radio attention. It is also a slow-build song that is impossible not to enjoy,

Darrell Goldman now lives and performs in Austin, Texas, and he has said that his music is often regarded as "thoughtful" by fans in the Texas capitol. Well, that is the understatement of the year. You see, there are several glimmers of brilliance in the album "The Bed I've Made" that make the listener understand that this album is no vanity project - it was a labor of love that has been thought about for many, many years. That makes Darrell Goldman's debut album a major surprise from a new country music talent who may very well be leaving his own imprint on country music in 2015 with one very well made "bed."


Album credits for "The Bed I've Made" include: Guitar: David Grissom, Guitar: Greg Duffy, Drums: Ken Tondre, Bass: Micheal Tarabay, Acoustic Guitar/Mando: Jondan McBride, Acoustic Guitar/Mando: Noah Jeffries, Pedal Steel/Dobro: Kim Deschamps, Piano/B3: James Hill, Fiddle: Kurt Baumer, Harmonica: Michael Samuels, BGV's: Brandon Ray Tant and Karol Ann Moore 

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