SINGLE REVIEW: Casey Donahew Band "Let's Not Say Goodbye Again"

When Casey Donahew announced his band's new single, "Let's Not Say Goodbye Again," to a screaming crowd at the oldest live music venue in Arkansas, a hush went through the crowd as the mixture of hard working blue collar men and women stopped clicking bottles and partying with upper middle class University of Arkansas undergraduates long enough to give a good listen to the new track. The assembled concertgoers seemed to know the words to almost every other song, but not this one. However, it was clear that the crowd took to the song faster than catfish attacking fresh bait as the chorus of "Let's Not Say Goodbye Again" kicked into overdrive. Yep, they were hooked.
The new single "Let's Not Say Goodbye Again" hit radio a few days later, and you can bet that hundreds of people who have caught the Casey Donahew Band's sold-out shows contacted their local radio stations to hear the new song.  The track begins with a Texas country vibe, but the upbeat love song would fit comfortably on mainstream country radio.

However, the real strength of "Let's Not Say Goodbye Again" lies in the aforementioned hook. Donahew croons: "You remember when I said I love you. How long has it been? Well, I don't want this to end; let's not say goodbye again." Donahew's smooth country vocals ooze sincerity, which lends credence to the lyrics.

The band builds the excitement slowly, and the cut ends in a rousing crescendo of the chorus that masterfully brings the energy down to a thoughtful instrumental close. "Let's Not Say Goodbye Again" is a future Number One track for the Casey Donahew Band, and it will definitely bring the band new fans in the general country market along with the traditional support these country boys already receive from Red Dirt aficionados.

"Let's Not Say Goodbye Again"  is featured on The Casey Donahew Band's new hit album "Double Wide Dream," which features 10 songs - all written by Casey Donahew - a self confessed "redneck at heart." However, this is one good ol' boy you'll want to keep around. As the Arkansas crowds will attest, nobody - and I mean nobody - wants to say goodbye to Casey Donahew.