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ALBUM REVIEW: Moot Davis "Man About Town"

If you love old fashioned country music with a new twist, Moot Davis' new album "Man About Town" may just be your next favorite album. That's because this earnest and hard-working singer has crafted 13 songs that will excite even the most subdued music fan.
The upbeat "Rags To Rhinestones" begins the album with a bang. The song discusses aspects of love mixed with authentic talk of financial troubles that will ring true to any person who has lived through the tumultuous financial times of the 2010s. Indeed, Moot Davis croons about reversal of fortune: "When I was on top, everyone called me friend...I was the toast of the town. Now they kick me out of bars on Broadway"

The uniquely wonderful "Day The World Shook My Hand" offers a cool retro vibe that works, and the track's instrumentation is stellar. The next cut "Rocket" has much of the same charm, but it is the Roy Orbison-esque "Fade To Gold" that emerges as the album's best song. Moot Davis gives a nuanced vocal performance that highlights the piercing lyrics. "Fade To Gold" deserves radio and fan attention and could find the artist new fans.

"Queensbury Rules" offers Davis the opportunity to let loose, and the song showcases the fun to be had at a Moot Davis concert. The memorable "How Long" has gospel fervency and is irresistibly catchy. "Rust" showcases Moot Davis' bluesy side, and "Only You" highlights the artist's obvious respect for traditional country music.

However, the album surprises with the dark and wistful "Memory Lane," and the vocal performance is award-worthy. Unusually, the title track is saved for last, but it was a sound choice. The song "Man About Town" is a thoughtful and sincere track that blends the best bits of Moot Davis numerous musical influences into one solid cut.

The album "Man About Town" showcases Moot Davis as an interesting artist with eclectic tastes. On the record, Davis fully utilizes a winning mixture of talents that combine the soul of a musician with the charisma of a gifted actor - no small feat. And once you hear the 13 songs offered by Davis, you'll certainly want to move to this man's town. CountryChart.com