ALBUM REVIEW: Aaron Owens "Troublemaker"

Aaron Owens has a deep, rich voice that immediately commands attention, and his raw talent has earned him awards and critical praise, such as being named 2011's Arkansas Country Artist Of The Year. While awards are great, it's the music that matters, and Aaron Owens newest CD "Troublemaker" proves that this LA country boy is ready for the big stage. By the way, in Owens' world, LA stands for "Lower Arkansas."
The album begins with the melodic country tune "Before Forever" that has a cool Josh Turner meets Trace Adkins vibe. However, "Good Place To Start" is actually a better showcase for Aaron Owens' unique vocal talent, and radio program managers should take notice. Interestingly, the influence of Waylon Jennings is present throughout the track, and Aaron Owens makes a star turn on this stunning cut.

The title track "Troublemaker" is a dark and earthy song that succeeds, and "Let It Play" has much of the same charm. The honky tonk song "Sounds A Lot Like Me" is pure upbeat country fun. Owens softer side is shown on the quiet "Time," but the album's biggest surprise is "I Turned Her On," which purports to be a song about a woman discovering Merle Haggard and George Jones. However, concert audiences will eat up the double entendre faster than peach pie at the county fair.

The album abruptly moves to a story in song with the cut "Scars," which has a social and political message, and the album ends on a high note with the quirky "Redneck, White And Blue." Aaron Owens croons: "I'm a hillbilly with a bright red neck; blue collar country with a southern dialect; a God fearing, hard working, party loving son of a gun...making my momma proud and playing my music loud." In short, "Redneck, White And Blue" offers old fashioned, corn-fed lyrics that will please country fans on every level.

"Troublemaker," from rising country star Aaron Owens, shows exactly why this well-rounded country artist is winning awards and fans. They say you shouldn't go looking for trouble, but in this case you really should.