ALBUM REVIEW: EG Kight "Lip Service"

Describing her sound as "country-flavored, southern-fried blues," EG Kight offers some "Lip Service" to country music on her new album of the same name. And the blues artist extraordinaire has never sounded better.
Country audiences will swoon to the confident, sultry sound of the first track "Sugar Daddies," which shows that EG Kight is no Bonnie Raitt wannabe. As she has proven over the years, EG Kight is an artist with a unique sound and terrific vocal performance instincts.

The next cut, "I'm In It To Win It," is an upbeat celebration of self-confidence, but it is the slow-burning "That's How A Woman Loves," which is the album's biggest surprise. Kight offers a carefully nuanced performance that works by tugging at the heart. The title track "Lip Service" is a memorable delight that is catchy enough to be sold later as a movie or TV show theme song.

However, the album's best song by a mile is "Savannah," which will have country fans scratching their heads and wondering why EG Kight has not produced an entire country album. The bluesy "Somewhere Down Deep" will also please country fans who love Ray Charles and other R&B crooners.

The traditional sound of "It's Gonna Rain All Night" will obviously be a concert crowd-pleaser, and EG Kight's vocals build to a stirring vocal with superb instrumentation. Country audiences can also find something to like in the song "Goodbye," which is the most joyful "kiss-off" song you could possibly imagine. The album ends with the pure blues track "I'm Happy With The One I Got Now," and EG Kight is right in her element in a track that shows off all of her best musical assets.

"Lip Service" from EG Kight is a surprisingly accessible album for country audiences, and the blues artist is likely to find more than a few new fans in the country market due to songs such as "Sugar Daddies" and "Savannah."  Indeed, country fans may eat up Kight's country-flavored blues faster than homemade vanilla ice cream at the annual family reunion.

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