ALBUM REVIEW: Drake Jensen "On My Way To Finding You"

Drake Jensen has a deep country voice that could just as easily come out of El Paso, Texas rather than the island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada - where he was born and raised. Nevertheless, the country crooner is on his way to finding his own country music dream with his surprisingly accomplished new album "On My Way To Finding You."
The album's first single "Wash Me Away" received a music award, and the track has a hard-driving beat with a memorable melody. The new single "All You Need" will please traditional country fans, and it actually has a retro-cool George Strait meets Mickey Gilley vibe.

The album's first cut, "Where You Goin' With That" actually sets the perfect tone for the Drake Jensen album, and the Canadian who recently moved to Ontario showcases his deep throaty vocals. The album's production quality is also stellar. The next track, "I'm Here To Love You" also could draw comparisons to the music of Brooks & Dunn, which is a major compliment.

The album's biggest surprise is a Tim McGraw-esque cut titled "The Son I'll Never Have," which also features traditional country elements. Drake Jensen's mother was a huge fan of country music, and this led to the artist listening to musicians such as Garth Brooks and George Strait. Indeed, the influences of Jensen's musical heroes are readily evident.

The easy-going "I Hope You Smile" is the best cut on the Drake Jensen album by a mile. Jensen offers a quiet confidence that is compelling combined with lyrics that flow easily off the tongue and into listeners' consciousness. The soaring "It's Not About Me Anymore" allows Drake Jensen to showcase his powerful vocal chops, and "Still On The Radio" might have radio chart potential.

The quiet cut "I Knew Her When" is another radio-ready song that was made for slow dances at the bar, and the title track "On My Way To Finding You" is a laid-back cut that clearly illustrates the professionalism and country charm of the artist.

The album "On My Way To Finding You" is a carefully, produced 11-track album running more than 40 minutes that will leave you wondering why you haven't found the mysteriously talented Drake Jensen until now.