ALBUM REVIEW: Brandon Rhyder "Live At Billy Bob's Texas"

Very few artist's have the stamina and simple country charm of Texas country star and Carthage, Texas native Brandon Rhyder. Now, fans have a special 4-disc "Live At Billy Bob's Texas" set (2 CDs & 2 DVDs) that sizzles with excitement and smolders with Red Dirt intensity.
The 24 songs on the 2 CDs clock in at a beefy time of almost two hours. The festivities begin with the terrific "You Burn Me" which is followed by "It's What I Do" which slowly builds to a rousing crescendo. It also must be noted that Brandon Rhyder's true country talent is startling as he belts out song after song with solid vocal performances. Indeed, Rhyder has the kind of pure country voice that could draw in outsiders to the Texas country fold. That's no easy feat.

Brandon Rhyder wanted to give his fans everything he could on this 4-disc set, and he even includes eight never-recorded songs, which is almost unheard of on a live album. The current single "In The Country" is heating up the Texas country charts right now with laid-back country charm. However, other new songs also deliver, including the hummable "Lord I Hope This Day Is Good," featuring Radney Foster. This cut has a retro-cool country vibe that really suits Rhyder's pure country voice.

Another new song, the bluesy rock "No Where USA" is the album's biggest surprise, and Rhyder's throaty vocals are both impressive and somewhat awe-inspiring as the artist showcases an element of his musical persona that is not often on display.

Red Dirt fans will bask in the warm Texas country glow of the new song "You Can't Drink The Truth," featuring the legendary Walt Wilkins. "You Can't Drink The Truth" is a memorable, goose-bump producing track with a great melody. In short, this song is a future Number One hit for Brandon Rhyder and Walt Wilkins.

The quiet new cut "Lucky Man" showcases Brandon Rhyder's true artistry in a carefully nuanced performance that is both heartfelt and intense. Another new track "Austin Avenue" was co-written by Pat Green, and it is also a radio-ready potential Number One hit for Brandon Rhyder.

"Live At Billy Bob's Texas" is a carefully executed Red Dirt masterpiece that deserves a place on the shelf of any fan of hard-driving, thoughtful country music. In the final bonus studio cut, Brandon Rhyder sings a joyous track that sums up the entirety of the project: "Let The Good Times Roll." Indeed, the vocal intensity and passion evidenced by Brandon Rhyder on this 4-disc set serves notice that he is dedicated to keeping the good times rolling for his fans during at least the next few decades or so.