Review: Shawna Russell "Shawna Russell" (Self-Titled Album)

After her breakthrough album "Goddess," Oklahoma's favorite new country music star Shawna Russell has emerged with a new, self-titled album that is destined to take her to even greater heights.
If you ever wondered what a true country star sounds like, the album's first song will quickly let you know. The confident "Sounds Like A Party" shows that Russell's voice is in perfect form. The next track "Waitin' On Sunrise" has a retro-cool, country melody that is performed with rare musical flair.

The anthem "Phoenix" showcases Russell's soaring vocals and proves that Shawna Russell can compete with the top country music artists in the market today - both male and female. The biggest surprise of the self-titled album is the quiet "Was It Good For You," which could find radio chart success. Shawna asks: "Was it good for you?" Listeners will only be able to answer with a simple "yes."

The rockin' "Get Right Or Get Left" shows the harder-edge Red Dirt element of Russell's skill set, but it is "Carry Me Away" that steals the show as the album's best track. The song shows the maturity in Russell's voice since her last album, "Goddess." Likewise, the production is stellar.

Three remix tracks grace the album, and the best is the radio-ready "Everybody's Got A Story," which has a real chance to be given a fresh look by mainstream country radio. The theme is universal, and Shawna Russell's vocal performance is pitch perfect.

"Shawna Russell" is a bold and enchanting album that firmly places Russell in a new class among her fellow country musicians. Her polished vocals, charming personality and star quality is both inspiring and refreshing. Who can't root for a sweet country girl from Oklahoma who has managed to turn herself into a star?