Review: River Rouge "Not All There Anymore"

If you're looking for a good time or even need a little break from the rat race of life, consider purchasing the fantastic new album from River Rouge appropriately titled "Not All There Anymore."
The fun begins with the uplifting blues-infused "Black Licorice," which also includes elements of rock and even gospel. "Murder Of The Crows" is a light Americana treat with efficient instrumentation, but it is "Usurper Hero" which is the album's biggest surprise. The retro-cool vibe is infectious.

The country rock quotient rises considerably with the terrific "Arc Welded Love," and the Foo Fighters-esque "Good At Goodbye" will please melodic rock fans. The album's best moment comes on the inspired sing-a-long "No Good For Nothing," which is an Americana gem.

The final song on the album continues the band's laid-back, fun-loving music. "Yes" is a perfectly performed piece of ear candy that ends the album on a winning note.

"Not All There Anymore" proves that River Rouge is a hard-working band that has massive talent, and the diversity of River Rouge's musical influences is awe inspiring. Even though they don't want you to know it, the faculties of River Rouge's members are all intact. And they are, in fact, "all there." Indeed, you will want to be there for this and all future River Rouge albums.