Review: The New Black 7 "The Old Becomes New"

The evolution of the music industry over the last few decades has caused a blurred vision of country music that now seems to include music that used to be classified as 'pop.' However, there is no mistaking the hard-edged sound of The New Black 7 on their superb new 5-song CD titled "The Old Becomes New."
The album begins with an anthemic tribute to small town life in "Small Town Song," and the cut offers a winning country rock track with a memorable chorus. The next cut "Kick The Tires" is a cool retro-tribute that seems reminiscent of a mixture of the melodic vocal blend of Alabama and and the fire and passion of Waylon Jennings.

Love is in the air on the next track "That Ain't Love," which is the album's best cut by a mile. This Red Dirt-inspired song offers laid-back vocals and a confident vocal delivery. The New Black 7 (or NB7 as fans affectionately call them) should consider releasing this track to radio. It could be a major hit.

The album ends with the bluesy "Come On, Come On" and the Hayes Carll-esque "Here All Along," which is a joyous gospel-tinged track that will bring warmth to listeners hearts.

"The Old Becomes New" shows a band with a diverse group of talents, and NB7 have a bright future ahead. Hopefully, old will become new when the New Black 7 find the country chart success they so richly deserve.