Review: Nell Robinson On The Brooklyn Road - By Nell Robinson

Bluegrass fans need to sit up and take notice: Nell Robinson's debut album was no fluke.This is conclusively proven by the fascinating talent on display in Robinson's sophomore release "Nell Robinson On The Brooklyn Road," which establishes the artist as a force to be reckoned with in roots music.
The album begins with the first full track "Woe Is Me," which has a charming bluegrass flavor mixed with elements of gospel. However, it is the folk cut "Mayflies" where Robinson's talent truly shines.

The biggest surprise on the album is the joyous sing-a-long song "Don't Light My Fire." This track has radio chart potential. The sincere "Wahatchee" has a cool Dolly Parton meets Loretta Lynn vibe that works. "Wahatchee" is by far the best song on the album, and Robinson's voice has never sounded better.

The classic "I Saw The Light" is given a fresh coat of paint with Robinson's terrific interpretation, and her cover of "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" is inspired - and surprisingly somewhat haunting. In fact, Nell Robinson's reimagination of the classic gives new resonance to the lyrics, and the production is stellar. "Turn Your Radio On" will inspire also joy in listener's ears.

"On The Brooklyn Road" picks up the pace with Jim Scott's "The Last Old Shovel," which features stirring instrumentation and winning vocals. "The Last Old Shovel" also deserves the attention of radio program managers who should immediately add it to their playlists.

"Nell Robinson On The Brooklyn Road" is an enchanting musical journey featuring a meaty 21 songs of varying lengths. However, the album has been very well conceived, and it is the musical equivalent of a seven course meal with cheese board. In fact, "Nell Robinson On The Brooklyn Road" should be in the music collection of every lover of Americana and bluegrass music. Heck, it might even be the right Christmas gift for any hard-to-please roots music lover.